Aliens Lurking In Underground Sewers Found On Obs Camera

There is no doubt that something paranormal happened.

The video shows footage from a water company in England, “United Utilities,” and it’s no wonder it caught attention on the internet.
The footage is a video system that monitors the sewers and happens to catch a very strange
looking being, on multiple occasions, as it monitored its movement.
The video footage is unedited.
There are three different clips captured by the video monitor. Luckily for us, the author also slows down
the video, better allowing us to understand just what kind of creature or alien we are dealing with.
The sewer monster, as it was dubbed, runs by and the shape of the body is something that cannot be
explained by any animal or being we would recognize. It seems to be conscious of the video monitor, and
even hides from the camera, then peering from behind a wall with creepy, obviously GLOWING eyes.
You even see the alien-like creature come out from behind the wall, but once the monitor begins moving,
it quickly dashes out of sight. There are two instances where we are able to view the creature running
across the sewer, it’s body shaped like nothing we have seen before.
The engineers who found it nicknamed it “Messie,” as it looked like a more disgusting version of the
Lockness Monster.

Must that you wait until the end of the video.

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