Aliens Visiting Earth as NASA Scientist Purports?

A report entitled New Assumption to Guide SETI Research by Silvano Colombano, a researcher from NASA, made some bold claims, while media quickly jumped on them. Silvano works at Intelligent Systems Division admitted that aliens might have already gone to Earth. However, essentially, the report was just a new intelligent study of the famous Fermi Paradox. 

There are lots of locations aliens might be hiding. After all, it’s a vast universe out there. Kepler has found out 3, 848 planets which include some candidates which exist in the solar systems about 11.2 billion years ago. Our system is 4.5 billion years old- that means it is likely that there is a planet that looks like Earth six billion years older than Earth. 

According to Colombano, there are 4 main statements we must be questioning, which could help in dictating the notion of aliens’ location and how state of the art technology plays a major role in its discovery.

Interstellar Travel is Very Unlikely 

With regards to how far people can travel in the solar system, at present we are limited by our tech and comprehending of physics. But aliens may. Therefore, we search for proof of somewhat obvious things such as a big spaceship that has ion thrusters passing over our planet. Colombano argues that even if we cannot let our existing resources, our thoughts, limit us. We have to appreciate the potentials of getting a much in-depth understanding as well as control of space-time and energy-matter.

Smart Civilization is Based on Carbon Life

For many years, we know that crucial particular building blocks permit for life as human race know it. However, it is likely that the solar system has incredibly diverse types of experience. The carbon-based ecology, he argues, may only be a minor step in a constant evolution which can generate models of intelligence that is superior to human beings that are not carbon-based.

It feels sensible to assume that life comes from situations alike to human being, but the possibility that each organism follows similar laws is slim. In that case, our chances for looking for life start to extend beyond Goldilock Zone. This kind of life would be unimaginable in every sense: act, look, or communicate.

This can impact other statements and guesses on this list. The life which isn’t based on carbon may have accessibility to intergalactic travel because of the absence of human restrictions or limitations – like size or human lifespan.

We Haven’t Been Visited

The look for extraterrestrial life, he argues has mainly taken for granted the possible relevance of the occurrences of UFO thanks to common hoaxes as well as general disinterest because of disbelief. Instead of this case, he thinks the scientific community must seek to look for the indication in the noise.

In the huge amount of noise in UFO statement, there might be indications, however small, which point out some occurrence which can’t be denied or explained. Once we assume a new assumption on what forms of intelligence or technology we may find, there’s a possibility that some might still occur and fit human specific theories, and maybe then we can take serious inquiry.

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