Foo Fighters WW2 Exposed!

In the year 1944 before Christmas, a pilot of the US air force was flying above enemies’ territory, vigilantly looking out for a German war aircraft, when suddenly round glowing matters appeared, approaching on his and radio operator’s way. The UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects got at the back of the US military plane and started following it. The pilot tried many tricks and maneuvers trying to lose the glowing objects. However, even sharp turns or a steep dive is not effective. All of a sudden, they disappeared.

This is only one of the many events which happened in atmosphere of Germany during the last couple of months of WWII. Most of the time, the glowing objects instantly appeared on the screen of the radar. There are also instances wherein more people witnessed the objects; however, they didn’t appear on radar. Some people ask if they are UFOs from extraterrestrials or just some type of experiment. No matter what it is, reading these theories can help.

Foo Fighters

Toward the latter part of the WWII, American pilot often reported knighting detections of these objects. They traveled at incredible speeds and were able to take turns to keep up with US planes. The allies were concerned that Germany has developed a new weaponry despite the absence of sound a gunfire.

The shining objects were called “foo fighters” , Named after a trendy cartoon of the time called “Smoky Stover.” Even if these phenomena happened over Europe, there were some similar occurrences over the vast Indian Ocean. Fascinatingly, upon the end of the war, the Allies found out that the Axis Powers also witnessed the glowing objects and worried that the Allies had created a new secret weapon.

During post war, German army Major Rudolf Lusar authored a book regarding Germany’s secret weaponries in the war. Rudolf described two kinds of golden circle objects the American pilots identified.

According to Rudolf, a jet propels these devices and are guided automatically. The objective was to release electrostatic discharges using Klystron tubes in disrupting the bombers’ electric systems and stopping them from plummeting bombs.

Even if the description of this major general seems plausible, experts disagree on the legality of his story. Like for example, no plane from Allied forces reported complications from a face-off with a foo fighter. Therefore, it appears that given Germany was able to create such weaponry, they can replace and modify inefficient klystron tubes by using chemicals to meet their goal.

At this point, no decisive explanation for the objects has even been discovered. Therefore, the question stays, what tech was available to Germany, and how did they utilize it?

Vril Society: Germany utilized all of the available resources trying to be the most powerful country. One great pursuit was space travel. To obtain this objective, they used the info given by Maria Orsic, a renowned psychic, and the Vril Society to help them.

1930s Antarctica Exploration: In year 1930s, Germans dedicated considerable resources to discovering Antarctica. They claimed to discover lakes without ice that have warm water as well as surrounding vegetation, which they called “Neuschwabanland,” Germans new colony.

Operation Highjump

Summer of 1945 Byrd along with 4,700 military and naval support ships headed to Antarctica. They had 1 aircraft carrier as they go onboard on the so-called “Task Force 68.” The would-be months-long expedition ended shortly because of casualties in just a matter of 8 weeks.

On their way to the destination, Byrd and the crew reported to have experienced a “strange UFO force,” causing destruction on numerous ships and planes, and deaths among many crew members. Was this the “first known historical occurrence involving a fight between the United States naval forces as well as unidentified UFO force headquartered in Antarctica?”

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