Mysterious portal to the United States is captured above the sky

Witnesses say the phenomenon has passed before and is a gateway to another universe used by aliens.

A mysterious footage has just become viral on the Internet, from Scotland, the USA, you can see a strange light-shaped portal moving in the sky, apparently, the inhabitants of the area are used to seeing such phenomena, and claim that it is a portal used by UFOs to travel to other universes and dimensions.

The video was recorded in a rapid sequence of time, meaning that this mysterious bright light lasted several seconds until it closed completely and disappeared into the sky. It is impossible that it is a reflector focused from the ground, as there would be a vertical light path, and you can see that the point of origin is inside the same “portal“.

By increasing the contrast levels, the video becomes even more mysterious, because you can appreciate the hole shape that has this mysterious light, coincides perfectly with the research theories that have developed UFO enthusiasts about the forms of transport that have the aliens, some think that these portals lead directly to the universe where they live, and use them frequently to visit and observe us.

Scotland is not a very big city, for this reason, it is also ruled out the possibility that it is an image contaminated by the light of the earth, and it is evident how this portal is gradually closing and reducing in size, until it disappears completely into the sky after a long time (remember that it is a video timelapse).

Some researchers say that this portal is directly related to the phenomenon that was captured on the planet Jupiter recently, where a UFO floated for several minutes in its atmosphere at high speed and then disappeared. The theory that these interstellar travellers can approach us through a portal is not unreasonable, taking into account the evidence and videos that record the sudden disappearance of these UFOs without a trace.

Another mystery that is presented in this phenomenon is the strange orbit that the bodies of Jupiter are making, in contrast to the other celestial bodies of our solar system. NASA assures that many of these foreign objects that have been seen with telescopes are simple asteroids, but in November this same agency reported that they had seen large asteroid thousands of years ago inside our solar system and that until now they discovered it.

This means that space agencies do not have a clear account of all the bodies that pass near our planet, so it is not very credible that they can determine which object is in Jupiter’s orbit at a distance several times greater. It is even appropriate to remember that several accidents have occurred around the world as a result of the fall of meteorites without NASA being able to warn of their imminent collision.

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