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Are Aliens Real?

You will find those among us who believe aliens not merely exist, however they are here on Earth with us right now. Others may maybe not cling to such fantastic notions but will admit it’s possible, given the vastness of space, that other civilizations may exist out there somewhere.

Even plain-old good judgment indicates we should have alien friends. Finding out about at the movie stars, it is hard to imagine we’re really alone. Somewhere nowadays we have to think there are other civilizations as intelligent once we are.

Well, ideally more intelligent! In fact, possibly they’re even capable of traveling between the movie stars, from earth to planet. Perhaps, they’ve even been visiting Earth.

Of course you will find also skeptics who believe it is a bunch of baloney.

So how do the believers (and the wannabe believers) present their case for alien visitation on Earth? Is there actually any evidence?

Some state proof dating all of the way back once again to the ancient past provides compelling reasons to consider aliens are here among us. Others say eyewitness accounts offer valid evidence. UFOs are allegedly spotted all the time, even by army personnel and NASA astronauts. We can only imagine what the U.S. Government isn’t telling us!

Before we get into all of that we need to ask ourselves: What are the possibilities alien civilizations are really out there at all? Is there an easy method to determine if alien life is even feasible?

The Drake Equation

In 1961 astronomer Frank Drake developed an equation to look for the possibility of other intelligent life within the universe. He wasn’t wondering about UFOs, or asking if aliens are visiting Earth; he was simply wanting to determine the likelihood of other life forms we might communicate with existing somewhere in the cosmos.

Depending on how optimistic you are, the outcome of the Drake equation either tell you it’s really, really likely there are other civilizations like ours nowadays, or they tell you nothing at all. It all depends about what numbers your put into the formula.

The Drake Equation Considers:

The frequency at which suitable star systems kind.

The likelihood of planets around those stars.

Just how many of those planets are able to aid life.

The number of planets where life really develops.

The percentage of said life that evolves into intelligent civilizations.

The amount of those civilizations that develop detectable technology.

How long those civilizations have actually been around, sending signals into space.

“Answers” to the Drake Equation vary from zero, to thousands and thousands of intelligent civilizations existing somewhere into the cosmos. As you care able to see, if any of those numbers are zero then we’re truly alone. But by many accounts this equation does offer us good reason to be optimistic about other intelligent life out there.

Therefore, are aliens real? There is apparently a mathematical solution, if only had a much better idea how to ask the question.

Where Do Aliens Originate From?

Therefore, even if alien civilizations are around, exactly what are the opportunities they could actually arrive here? Movies like Star Wars and well-known sci-fi shows like Star Trek would have us think that a straightforward punch of the switch will blast us off to many times the speed of light, rocketing us toward a destination in some far-flung solar system.

But there is a problem with this specific, at least by how we currently comprehend physics. Nothing with mass can travel at the speed of light, and also approaching the speed of light has its very own set of non-survivable issues for we wimpy humans.

And even if you could travel at the speed of light, that’s not almost fast sufficient.

It takes the light from the sun a little over eight minutes to obtain to Earth. In a year that light will travel about six trillion kilometers. The following nearest solar system to ours is Alpha Centauri, and it’s really a bit significantly more than four light years away.

That’s really far, over 25 trillion miles, and by our current technology it would take us about 160,000 years to get here. If our alien buddies travel at or near light speed, of course they come from Alpha Centauri, it will take them four years to obtain here.

Astronomers understand there are planets into the Alpha Centauri system, however the problem is they aren’t like ours. So if you don’t Alpha Centauri, where might aliens come from? According to some sources, such as the infamous Bob Lazar and initial UFO abductee Betty Hill, they may originate from a method called Zeta Reticuli. If that is true, it places them at a distance of approximately 39 light years.

From our perspective, this seems an insurmountable distance. It could simply take us hundreds of numerous of years to make it happen. So how are they doing it?

We could just guess. If they arrive here by using theoretical “worm holes”, or by some kind of faster-than-light technology, or by manipulating the very fabric of space itself, their science is far beyond our understanding.

It might be simple to believe they’d never make it only at all if people weren’t seeing them the time!

UFO Sightings

Sightings of UFOs date back into antiquity, and additionally they are probably the most common piece of evidence people point to when chatting about alien visitation. As thrilling as these encounters are, it is critical to remember that UFOs are merely what their name indicates– Unidentified Flying things. Quite simply, simply because they are not identifiable does not mean these are typically from various other world.

You will find even odd sightings of flying humanoids, a phenomenon thought to be attached to UFO visitation.

Some UFO sightings could be explained as misidentified real-world aircraft, or even flocks of geese or other high-flying birds. Other people are as a result of odd tricks of light or other natural anomalies. Yes, some could even be related to secret government aircraft. But associated with hundreds if not thousands of reports every year, is it reasonable to assume every one of these is of some earthly object rather than a real flying saucer?

A proven way to separate your lives the wheat from the chaff is to consider who’s reporting a UFO sighting. While ordinary citizens should certainly be taken seriously, when reports result from airline pilots, military personal or astronomers we must think there is something to them. Even NASA astronauts have actually reported seeing UFOs.

They are professional individuals trained to watch the skies and know very well what’s nowadays, yet there are countless cases UFOs reported by pilots, and by military personnel. Gordon Cooper, one of the original Mercury astronauts, was a believer in alien visitation, and suggested back in 1985 that the U.S. Military continually tracks unknown objects by radar.

While it’s certainly possible that errors can occur, when sightings reports come from such respected and trustworthy sources perhaps we must pay attention. And, we have to wonder, exactly how many high-level military men and women have had UFO experiences but were reluctant to come forward in anxiety about jeopardizing their career.

Pilots have been seeing UFOs for years, and some people like to attribute the alien presence on Earth to our tinkering with atomic weapons around the end of World War II, but there are many researchers who think they have been right here a lot longer.

Evidence of Ancient Aliens

In addition to modern sightings, there are some who say there is proof that aliens have been visiting our little planet for numerous of years. Ancient countries accomplished some incredible feats, and searching back through history it’s hard to describe how they did.

There are mysteries to unravel, and somehow it appears just like a large amount of the technology they must have possessed and knowledge they had accumulated has merely been lost over time. This leads some UFO researchers to claim that alien visitors played part in a few of antiquities greatest projects.

An oft-cited example is the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Even today scholars aren’t exactly yes how sure massive blocks were moved into place, and perfectly aligned, by a society that didn’t even make use of the wheel. It’s tempting to assume extraterrestrial visitors may have possessed a hand in these and other massive structures built in ancient times.

This might make sense, but on other hand it may be selling our ancient ancestors short. It’s important to keep in mind that these were just as intelligent and savvy as we are today. However if they did possess such technology, where did it go?

Of course we can just only imagine what the ancient individuals knew, and the possibility of alien contact in those days ended up being about a most likely as it is today. Include in interpretations of alien figures and craft in old paintings, sculptures and stonework and it’s clear to many people that aliens have actually been here on Earth all along.

If so, we need certainly to wonder why they are being so secretive.

Is the fantastic Pyramid Actually an Alien Power Plant?

Area 51 and U.S. Government Conspiracies

Let`s say for a minute that alien visitors did have a hand in helping ancient civilizations with a number of their greatest technical triumphs. Think about modern day? Might they still be doing the same with the major government capabilities around the world?

There are people who believe the U.S. Government understands really well that aliens have been visiting world, as well as in fact might be in some kind of communication using them. It’s not most likely they truly are discussing handing over our planet for colonization, but maybe our alien buddies are helping us as they did cultures long ago.

Many believe, at the minimum, the government is hiding the current presence of alien visitation from its citizens. People have reported alien art that have crashed here on Earth, therefore the army is always first in the scene to wash it all up.

The absolute most famous case could be the 1947 Roswell incident, where military personnel first announced that a flying saucer had been captures, then changed their story to weather balloon. Why would the government do this.

Skeptics will state this type of deception may be the ultimate fake-out. Think about a clandestine base such as the legendary Area 51, where no doubt all kinds of super-secret experimental aircraft have been developed and tested. Job number one for the U.S. intelligence community would be to keep people out, keep information in, and downplay any strange goings on at and near the base. If the public is somehow convinced that we now have UFOs there, possibly they are not so concerned with what in fact is happening at Area 51.

Having said that, what if the U.S. Government really is reverse-engineering alien technology at region 51 along with other secret bases across the world? Imagine if, while they did for the Egyptians, aliens are assisting our researchers along just how? The concept is intriguing, chilling, and reeks of the appropriate quantity of conspiracy theory.

So, where does the truth lie? Is the federal government hiding proof of aliens from the public, or are the UFO sightings reported every years by ordinary people sufficient evidence to say we know aliens are here?

The Fermi Paradox

Where are they?

This is certainly the concern physicist Enrico Fermi place to his colleagues in 1950 during an informal discussion of this possibility of alien life. If alien life is potentially so abundant, where are they?


We’ve already seen from the Drake equation that there’s a strong likelihood that aliens exist.

We have determined that, despite the fact that we might never be able to travel such distances just yet, it is conceivable that an extremely advanced civilization could possibly result in the journey.

We’ve entertained the likelihood that alien peoples may have been secretly visiting Earth in the ancient past, and may even even be working alongside our earth’s governments today.

We know that several thousand UFOs are seen and reported every year by civilians and armed forces personnel alike.

So, where are they? Exactly why are we limited to debateable sightings, conspiracy concept and outright conjecture? If aliens are out there, why are not they making themselves known on a global scale, and reaching out to the citizens of Earth in the name of intergalactic peace? Of course there may be multiple reasons, including the chilling idea they aren’t right here for peaceful reasons at all. For now, we just don’t know, and all we may do is guess. What are aliens really? Exactly what do they want from us? Are aliens real at all?

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