Richard Byrd, the man who visited the lost land

Admiral Richard Byrd spoke about important sources of natural resources, which have not yet been explored or made known.

Theories of conspiracy and secret conflict occupy an important space on the Internet forums, there is talk of disastrous missions, such as the Philadelphia Project, or the experiments that the Soviet Union carried out to build an army of soldiers with superhuman capabilities, but there are also other less well-known events, such as the secret locations of the bases of operations and the sources of natural resources that were at stake.

Admiral Richard Byrd tells us in a secret diary that during his flight at the South Pole he enters the interior of the Pole, flying over crystalline lakes and rivers, lands full of vegetation where there were all kinds of animals, under a warm and sweet sun. His experience has been named one of the greatest expeditions in human history, but also the most censored.

Richard Byrd was a very important figure in the military research, his discoveries and travels helped to make important moves of the American army, to position its weapons at the end of World War II, and to pursue the Nazis, but there were also some strange events that were silenced by history and the governments involved.

The Admiral was a distinguished aviator and pioneer in polar exploration. He flew over the North Pole on May 9, 1926 and led numerous expeditions to Antarctica, including a flight over the South Pole on November 29, 1929. At the time, the news was about the tension between the great powers and the impending war.

In 1947, Richard Byrd was flying over the North Pole in one of his explorations, when he arrived in the heart of the Arctic he was involved in a strange event. The mission he was carrying out had to be classified, as he was officially supposed to be in Antarctica at the moment carrying out “Operation Highjump” for the US Navy. (1946-1947).

Richard Byrd’s secret diary

During his fourth expedition, he wrote down his experiences in his valuable diary. Here are some fascinating excerpts.

“I must write this diary in secret and in absolute secrecy. You mean my Arctic flight of February 19, 1947. There will come a time when the rationality of men must dissolve into nothingness and then the inevitability of Truth must be accepted.”

“I am not at liberty to divulge the documentation that follows, perhaps it will never see the light of day, but I must, in any case, do my duty and relate it here in the hope that one day everyone will be able to read it, in a world where the selfishness and greed of certain men will no longer be able to suppress the Truth.

Richard Byrd points out that some officers who were aware of that strange place did not want to make known what was there, possibly because they had secret bases and military spaces that are still on alert today for any movement that could threaten the United States, the cold war never ended, it just changed form.

… “I see stretches of ice and snow underneath us, the magnetic compass and the gyroscopic needle start to spin and oscillate, we can’t keep our course with the instruments. We point the direction with the solar compass, everything still seems to be in order. Controls appear slow in response and operation, but there is no indication of freezing. This is not a hallucination. I see a mountain range we’ve never seen before.

It is very strange that in the story of the trip, there is talk of mountains with thick vegetation, some think that this is a piece of lost land, that the elites of the world have wanted to keep secret to preserve their homes and centers of operations, is a theory that makes a lot of sense, considering that nobody is going to explore too much in the midst of so much snow.

… “In addition to the mountains, there is something that seems to be a valley with a small river or stream that runs into the central part… There should be no green valley down here! There is something decidedly strange and abnormal here! We should only fly over ice and snow! On the left, there are large forests on the slopes of the mountains. Our navigation instruments are still spinning like crazy, the radio is no longer working.

“Ahead of us sighted a city. The plane appears light and strangely floating. The controls refuse to respond. To our right and to our left there are strange flying devices, they are quite close, they have badges, it is a strange symbol. We are firmly trapped by some kind of invisible force.

A devastating future

The story continues until they get to know this city, run by a civilization of blond and tall people, very kind and with superior technology, much more advanced than the one traditionally known at the time, they are told that the war has left them with the obligation to warn them about a devastating future, and that men are capable of destroying the entire world in order to maintain power.

Upon his return to the military base, Richard Byrd told the story in detail but was detained and placed under the supervision of secret service special forces, forced to keep quiet about what happened under threat and in the line of duty.

Rumours spread easily, the story leaked out, and the media at the time conducted discreet interviews with the Admiral, who until then had merely said that there was a huge untapped source of natural resources in the South Pole, and some governments might later be able to agree on workspaces to exploit them.


However, the interview did not seem natural, it was evident in the look of Admiral Richard Byrd, that there was something much bigger behind all this, the secret was kept secret until at one point he felt he had to do the right thing, and he released his secret diary, with all the notes of the trip and what he could see, highlighting the great warning of that strange advanced civilization that was in the South Pole, inside the earth.

This is a story that has been strongly censored by the media, and since that time has been dismissed by the U.S. government, however, it fits perfectly with the recent discoveries and events related to the South Pole, nobody understands the reason for the censorship on Google Maps made with computer software, nor can they explain why planes cannot fly over the area.

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