The Extra Terrestrials Walking Among Us

If you think we’re alone in the universe, perhaps you haven’t heard of all the possible alien races humans have come into contact with… and maybe walking among us.

All stories, all myths, all legends are inspired by truth. Here we explore the possible truths behind stories about extraterrestrial life that have visited the earth or may still be here.

From alien sightings at major locations such as Roswell and Area 51 to Sumerian myths dating back more than five thousand years, there are theories that point to alien life right here on earth from cultures all over the world. Many people claim to have been abducted by aliens and have seen the first-hand physical evidence. Many believe to have seen UFOs or even life forms themselves from other planets.

What the intentions of these aliens are could vary depending on the race of extraterrestrials. Possibilities range from genetic experiments to create new life forms or solve genetic problems in their own race, gain knowledge about our weapons and capabilities as a potential future ally, or even as sinister as enslavement. No matter what the intention, we could be at the centre of a galactic land grab which could have devastating results.

This is a subject of great fascination to many. Why are alien’s here? What are they capable of? Those questions may have clearer answers than we once thought. Here is a compilation of 13 different races theorized to be frequenters of our solar system. Some you may have heard of before, others are more mysterious, but all of them will make you question what may be living here on earth.

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