The satellite abandoned 50 years ago that began broadcasting alien messages

The theory that extraterrestrial beings have repaired the satellite to send us a message through it has been the most talked about.
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It was 1965, the space race was in full swing and scientific and research agencies were working day and night to improve their technology, artificial satellites suddenly became common and necessary to be able to observe and record the data needed outside the atmosphere, among these devices, was built the LES-1, a satellite built for military purposes.

This satellite was manufactured by MIT, together with others of the same type with different endings, in January of that same year, the space is launched, and the LES-1 suffers an inconvenience from its takeoff, which prevents it from functioning correctly and deviates its position, making the contact from the power station unstable and the fault cannot be corrected, until in 1967 it is completely lost and they decide to leave it adrift as space debris.

No effort was made to recover the LES-1, as the other satellites were fully operational and provided the necessary information to complete the mission, while the lost aircraft was rotating in orbit without the exchange knowing its location.

But 50 years later, when even the other satellites have ceased to be important, the scientific community has been very surprised by the return of the LES-1 to the radar, transmitting and communicating without problems, as if it had been inexplicably repaired by some kind of intelligence in space.

The news at first left everyone incredulous, and they immediately set about investigating how a satellite that had not worked well since its launch 50 years ago could suddenly broadcast and send information without any problems as if it had been launched recently.

This discovery was made by an amateur astronomer in the United Kingdom, Phil Williams picked up a disturbing radio signal, whose origin was unknown and also had a rather strange sound, decided to forward the signal to MIT, after verifying the identity and other data, were amazed to see that the sound came from the satellite lost and abandoned 50 years ago.

The sound coming from the satellite, despite being something created by humans, is chilling to know that it comes from an object that is outside the earth, in a dark and cold place that until recently the scientific community believed to be adrift, with no possibility of functioning.

The official explanation for the event was that the batteries disintegrated during the launch, causing the interruption of communications and control, but the satellite had solar panels capable of providing power to transmit its signal and send it to earth.

But the mystery remains on the table, as no one understands why it took 50 years for the solar panels to start working, which is what brought about this change, and how the components that were thought to be lost until now were located again on the radar, which is why some believe that extraterrestrial beings activated the satellite to send us messages through it.

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