They find a strange creature with tentacles that looks like an alien

A chilling footage shows a mysterious creature with twisted tentacles moving on a board in Vietnam.
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A strange and disturbing creature has baffled the thousands of people in Vietnam, where it was located, and is sparking an intense debate on the Internet after the mysterious faceless, twisted tentacle creature was videotaped and published in the local press.

Vietnamese beach dwellers have discovered a “sea creature” with twisted tentacles, which has not been classified as a known species, but which has clearly perplexed the villagers, who claim that it is an alien and may contain poisonous substances and have recommended that authorities verify that the beach has not been contaminated.

In the stunning video, the creature that appears to have no known face or shape shakes its numerous black tentacles and seems to spread like a tree. The local population found the so-called “monster” in the southern Vietnamese province of Kien Giang, which immediately generated reactions and comments that attempted to classify this living being as a plant, animal or alien creature that was thrown into the water from a UFO.

Some users compared the mass of moving tentacles to a monster from a science fiction movie, recalling the monsters typical of the most popular movies in the industry. Others believe that it may be a plant or animal that has undergone a severe mutation caused by contamination of the seabed.

Du Man Du, the man who discovered it, took the alien creature from the beach to a nearby green table, where he filmed the mysterious organism. The guide records the creature as the tentacles appear to move toward it, showing that it responds to stimuli and is alive. The mysterious inhabitant of the sea was later released into the ocean, which was lamented by many who were waiting for the analysis of researchers and experts in animal recognition.

But experts who have seen the video are divided on the opinion of what the creature was, and some say that it was a starfish, which usually lives in South America, although the species is very rare and for some animal research departments seemed to be extinct years ago, others believe it was a piece of algae reacting to oxygen.

Mike Van Keulen, a marine biology expert at Murdoch University, said the creature was probably a strange species of starfish, and that there was no reason to think it was an alien. He took the opportunity to recall that the destruction of the natural habitat of thousands of species has forced us to forget and stop meeting many rare creatures, and nature has been forced to evolve under hostile conditions.

As the internet continues to argue about the supposed alien creature, it is clear that there are millions of species inhabiting the sea, some completely unknown, waiting to be discovered.

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