The DEEPEST Hole On Earth The Portal To Hell

A fascinating topic posted by a very prominent and reputable Youtube channel called “Beyond Science” is about the simple question of: “what exactly IS at the core of our planet?!?

Granted, we should probably know more about this topic than we do, (given the fact that we live here and we spend so much time exploring OTHER planets), but we actually are not quite sure that the model of the Earth’s core we were taught as children is ACCURATE.

Just as the Americans and the Russians raced to reach the moon first in the “Space Race,” they also raced to reach the centre of the Earth first, as well! Apparently, a digging race began, but the Russians won.

The U.S.S.R. continued their project successfully and longer than the United States, and uncovered some very significant discoveries. They drilled 7.5miles INTO the Earth and were able to test geological theories. They literally ended up proving that one ENTIRE LAYER of the Earth’s crust that we believed existed, in fact, does not! They even found water within rocks at deep depths that we did not believe was possible.

But let’s BLOW YOUR MIND quickly – they found proof of 25 different types of fossilized LIFE, WHICH WAS AT LEAST 2 BILLION YEARS OLD. Yet even after digging that deeply, we have barely scratched the surface of the Earth or being even CLOSE to getting to the centre.

Unfortunately, once reaching around 365 degrees Fahrenheit, the Russians stopped the project completely. Though there are other theories as to why the project was stopped, we can only speculate.

What do you think!

Youtube Beyond Science

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