Demon KID NAPING Caught on Tape

In this video, we are able to view three separate photos that portray proof of real paranormal or demonic figures. The video owner even sharpens the photos and utilizes multiple filters to clarify the photos.

In the first photo, we can see what clearly appears to be a demonic face on a section of woodwork between two sections of window blinds. Apparently, in a previous video, the author witnessed a social worker touching that exact spot, and her finger literally froze!

The second photo is taken from a video monitor in a hospital, and we are able to view some sort of humanoid shaped figure that cannot be explained. The figure looks like it had jumped onto the hospital bed, and is walking away. The peculiar figure has such an odd shape that is quite obviously not a human being as we know them. It’s hard to tell what the shape of the legs are, or how MANY legs there even are! We can also see what looks like horns on the figure, and possibly even eyes that resemble that of an alien.
It is possible the figure jumped onto the hospital bed and is carrying a child away.

The third photo shows a pretty typical apartment building of some sort, but when zoomed in we find much more than meets the eye. One part of the building, we are able to see what appears to be a very demonic looking face, just blending in with the wall.
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