Demon Possessed Woman On Subway That Had Gone Way Too Far

On a Toronto subway, a passenger captured a video while she witnessed something very peculiar.

something that very much appears to be the demonic possession of a fellow passenger
The seemingly possessed woman was sitting across the aisle of the subway train from the observer. She knew what was happening was odd, and luckily she began recording from her cell phone.

In this video, the woman is quite obviously experiencing something paranormal. She starts acting extremely bizarre – she is making strange movements, weird facial expressions, and even seems to make sounds that sound like a growl.

A significant thing to note is that she is grasping at her necklace, and only seems to become calm (temporarily) after she throws the necklace across the train. But, the kicker to this video is that she then becomes physical with another passenger, and starts attempting to choke him, out of nowhere. Another freakish thing is that she then gets up and acts like nothing happened, which seems to be a theme amongst these types of phenomena, and tries to exit the train.

The video ends with the demonically possessed woman walking away casually as if she had zero conscious awareness of what had just happened. It seems as if she was just planning to get off as if nothing happened, but the other passenger that she strangled had different plans. But the other passenger confronts her, and they start to have a physical altercation and begin fighting.

What do YOU think was going on with this woman?

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