Demons Help Dynamo Magician Real Proof

A magician never reveals his secrets, but perhaps this one has.

The magician Dynamo is most notable for his TV program Dynamo: Magician Impossible, which ran from 2011 to 2014. In this series, he performs incredible and sometimes outlandish feats that leave his audience continually dumbfounded. But his rise to popularity has a darker explanation than you may have realized.

According to friends of Dynamo, before he became famous, he took a vacation in the woods where he supposedly delved into the occult and even devil worship. Before going, he assured his friends that things would soon change for him and that his fortunes would soon improve.

Sure enough, he soon found major success as a street magician, eventually getting his own TV show and garnering numerous accolades for his outstanding tricks. Dynamo makes references to the devil a number of times in his performances and TV program, as well as making frequent allusions to a supernatural force in his illusions. Perhaps these are more than just mere illusions.

In one of Dynamo’s tricks, we see something very unsettling. Something that perhaps defies logic and physics. Something he may not have disguised carefully enough. Watch carefully in this video to see if this man is a great illusionist, or has given over to a higher, darker power.

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