An Angry Spirit Lives In The Halls Of This School.

Security cameras recorded the moment when school lockers were shaken hard by some angry ghost.
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The history of the terrain on which great constructions are built is generally related to the paranormal events that are documented long after, there are testimonies everywhere, from prisons and psychological treatment centers, to schools and museums, the energy of the circumstances extends and remains alive through time.

As an example of this situation, there are 2 videos on the internet that show how a ghostly force violently shakes some objects from the school where the videos were recorded, drags chairs, throws books and hits the walls, without reasonable explanation from the authorities.

One of these recordings is circulating on social networks and has surprised viewers, the video of a security camera installed in a Catholic school in Cork, in the south of Ireland, where it is possible to observe a disturbing scene that shows paranormal activity with great clarity and good resolution.

In this elementary school, workers, teachers and students say that strange phenomena have happened, unexplained noises are heard when the sun goes down and things change places at dawn, sometimes the corridors are a complete disaster and the classrooms become disorganized for no logical reason, the school authorities decided to place a security camera, as it was very common to find objects lying around when opening the doors.

After reviewing the recordings, the management noticed something very strange and frightening, which scared several teachers and administration workers, the cameras had caught something that kept the work environment cold and terrifying, and a few weeks later the recording was shared on Youtube.


It is possible to witness the movement of chairs and other heavy objects, inexplicably and without people nearby, in one of the corridors of the school at 5:30AM, a schedule in which there are still no workers to start the day, everything begins with a heavy blow to the wall that makes the security cameras move, moments later it is possible to see how a suitcase along with a geography sign fly away with force.

The video ends with one bench being dragged and beaten next to another at the end of the corridor, and a chair being dragged to the wall on the other side, but this was not the only time the administration videotaped this type of phenomenon, on another occasion the authorities did the same procedure and left the cameras running all night.

The books fly out of the metal lockers, which are also shaken with force as the doors are slammed for no reason, the school has a disturbing history, it was built very close to a mass grave, discovered several years later, the villagers claim that those grieving souls are tormented, and they act violently by constantly invading the buildings near the place where they were buried, among those sites is the school.

So far no one has been able to explain the recordings, some are convinced that the school is full of strange entities, and that is a place where religion is present, a confrontation of forces is created that generates violent reactions in these nocturnal ghosts.


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