Baby Is Lifted From His Crib By A Paranormal Force

The Internet discusses the chances that such a young child can maintain his or her own balance as the video shows
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The chilling video of an alleged “possessed child” has terrorized millions of YouTube users around the world, especially after parents confirmed that the video has not been edited. The recording shows a very distressed little boy, named Conner Booth, shouting for his parents to go immediately.

The child seems to climb to one side of the crib easily while crying and screaming heartlessly. At one point in the video, he gets to climb to the top of the crib sidebar. Then he begins to swing dangerously on the railing for more than 20 seconds, reaching out his arms and screaming in the dark like a mummy.

His eyes emit a mysterious glow in the dark as the little one screams. Several seconds after standing on the railing, he loses his balance and falls into his crib, the little one continues to cry, while the mobile phone on the crib sways disturbingly.

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According to some users, the child’s behaviour, the strange noises, and the terrifying bright eyes in the dark are symptoms of intense paranormal activity. Others pointed out that the video has a certain resemblance to the supernatural activity represented in classic horror movies.

The boy’s parents have been identified as Chuck and Kate Booth. After the video spread massively on social networks and its authenticity was questioned, the couple told the American television program “Inside Edition” that the video had not been edited in any way, and was extracted directly from the surveillance camera.

However, the parents also said that their son was not possessed and that his strange, bright eyes were seen in the video by the night vision camera. But they admitted they were surprised to see their son climb to the side of the crib and keep his balance on the railing for more than 20 seconds.

The way you climb the railing seems to be illogical, it takes strength, balance and flexibility to do what the video shows, and remember that the room was dark, making it much harder for such a small child to do without the help of invisible force or support, it is almost impossible for the baby to do it.

The sequence continues in another video, a few seconds later, the baby gets up again, but this time he can’t keep his balance and seems to be lifted up in the air, making a complete turn that makes him fall on the floor of the room.

YouTube Chris Buell

Paranormal and psychic researcher Ashley Darkwood said she did not believe the child was possessed. Darkwood said spirits with small children try to go unnoticed because they know that symptoms are hard to detect. But there were also those who suggested that the little one was being attacked by some kind of ghostly entity, capable of lifting him out of his cradle and turning him to the ground.

As always, these types of videos provoke interesting debates on the Internet, about their authenticity or about the existence of phenomena that we cannot explain and that the cameras record. What cannot be denied is that this event is not normal.

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