Ghost accompanies passenger in taxi in Japan

The incredible video has made many people think that death is haunting the passenger.

It is clear that many people have superior abilities to see, feel and hear beings that do not belong to this world. Ghosts, demons, angels and all kinds of paranormal figures are part of the mysteries that make us think that there is much more than we can see with the naked eye.

Before the technological advance it was already very common to know about common legends and tales of ghosts and other beings that frightened everyone, but the lack of evidence that a story represents when told by someone who has no way to prove he or she is telling the truth, has exposed the paranormal activity to the entertainment industry.

The genre of horror movies, science fiction books and all kinds of things have been used by corporations to make money, making these legends directly associated with lies, entertainment tricks and something that doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, this has meant that many experiences and studies carried out on the paranormal aspect are not taken seriously.

The best evidence is reflected in the footage of the surveillance cameras, simple equipment that does not have the editing capabilities and entertainment objectives of film cameras, or the terror-loving phones that constantly post fake videos on the Internet claiming to have recorded something scary, most of them are lies.

But when a surveillance camera shows a ghost and the publication of the video is done through official accounts, authorities, public security companies, hospitals, airports, schools, or any other type of buildings that are backed by public trust and security, we can assure you that it is a true story.

This was the example of a creepy Japanese video posted on Youtube, recorded by a surveillance camera during the night, showing a passenger boarding a taxi outside a shopping mall. But this passenger was not going alone, a ghostly figure suddenly appears in the image, with a transparent and strange appearance seems to float inside the vehicle and is right behind the man, who seems not to notice his company.

This strange situation has been questioned by users who have seen the video, who think it’s a camera trick, but again the story returns to truthfulness when we look at the report of many Japanese taxi drivers, who claim to have suffered common paranormal experiences since 2011, when a tsunami destroyed thousands of homes and killed many people.

It seems that the energy of the deceased continues to be present in the cities that were affected by the natural disaster, many were unprepared when a colossal force took their lives in a matter of seconds, it is possible that their souls still think they are alive, and doing their routines on this plane, locked in a limbo between life and death as ghostly passengers of a taxi in our reality.

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