Ghost Towns That Can Be Explored In Google Maps

Nature claims its space in these cities abandoned to its fate, which are beginning to get lost in vegetation and undergrowth.

Large societies generally have a problem of overpopulation that makes it difficult to find a job, transport, education and food, and the movement of large metropolises makes thousands of people stay there every day, but it is fascinating to think that there are ghost towns, which have been completely abandoned and were once full of life, just like the first ones.

These abandonments have not generally been the result of the will of the population, no one wants to leave home without having a very big reason why one cannot deal with them, and sometimes simply escaping is the only alternative. Among the many reasons why these ghost towns were left in their current state are natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes or erupting volcanoes, critical conditions that need mass evacuation.

Other cities have been abandoned due to financial mismanagement, resulting in their economic implosion and the flight of their inhabitants, due to the chaos generated and the decrease in the quality of life. There are also planning errors and a lack of studies in investments to determine the levels of growth that a city can have; in fact, a society cannot grow without certain basic conditions that guarantee its well-being.

Ash Apocalypse

We started with a city that was devastated by a volcanic eruption of great proportions, crossing South America, the city of Chaiten, in Chile, has always suffered important seismic movements, although the phenomenon is unpleasant and produces important structural damages with the passage of time, the population of that country is accustomed and prepared to face it, however, they were surprised by a major disaster.

In 2008 a nearby volcano erupted, without warning it began to rain ash and the inhabitants saw how different parts of the mountain were burning, this phenomenon forced the government to execute the evacuation of the inhabitants, who began to see as the lava descended and dragged everything in its path, melting down to the strongest structures easily.

Chaiten was completely uninhabited, and its landscape is similar to that of a film depicting the Apocalypse, most of the houses were hit by the eruption, its streets were filled with ashes and the atmosphere in general turned gray, the people who inhabited this city go to see how it is now and then, perhaps more out of nostalgia than out of a desire to live there again, as the fear of future similar tragedies is very high.

But not all the tragedies that have led to the total abandonment of a city have been natural, some disasters are the result of human error and misuse of resources, an example of which is the city of Namie, Japan, which suffered total abandonment when the Fukushima nuclear power plant failed after a major earthquake struck in 2011.

The spread of radiation was rapid and massive, the nearby field was covered with radioactively charged ash and the entire site became uninhabitable. As this disaster is relatively recent, the city is not yet in ruins, but the spaces of the avenues and buildings have begun to be invaded by nature. The only good thing about this is that Namie will serve to see which species are able to adapt to such hostile conditions over the next few centuries.

Running from the bullets

Disasters do not necessarily have to involve environmental factors, sometimes ghost towns are abandoned after their decline, when people are left without work and conditions such as insecurity and the deterioration of public services end up with patience, there is no alternative but to seek a better destination elsewhere, and as an example of this we can name St. Louis East, in Illinois.

Despite being a very prosperous city, the industrial and transport revolution gradually made the community, mostly working in railway companies, lose their jobs. This led to a rapid increase in the crime rate, homicides and robberies, forcing the authorities to establish special controls on the city classified as the most violent in the country in 2010.

Today East St Louis is a largely uninhabited city, with the few remaining residents here doing whatever they can to survive, although many of these choose to resort to crime, forming gangs that keep residents terrified. The only safe way to stroll through the streets of this city is to use Google Maps.

Other cities of great historical heritage are today incredibly epic abandonments, such as the city of Craco, in Italy, which is located on a huge cliff and has a perfect view for relaxing and meditating. Craco was a strategic location for the Italian military forces, but the inhabitants faced strong earthquakes that began to cause significant soil erosion, causing several houses to succumb to the earth.

Faced with this concern, and the growing risk of landslides, the population began to move to other, safer places until the city was completely deserted, only until today that is a very popular tourist attraction and receives visitors from around the world annually.

Ghost town enveloped in radiation

To conclude this tour, we cannot miss a city that has been the scene of movies and video games, inspiring a zombie apocalypse and many mystery stories; it is Prypiat, in Ukraine, a city that suffered the direct consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986 for its proximity to the plant. This city’s one of the most wanted on Google Maps for its terrifying charm.

Prypiat was a city planned to be the home of the workers of the nuclear plant, that’s why it was so close, so when the reactor exploded, the city had to be evacuated immediately, since then it has remained almost the same, only that nature and time have invaded all spaces. You can find a lot of pictures of Prypiat on the internet, some people find something so fascinating in this ghost town, and they have even started to do sightseeing tours there.

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