Ghosts Among Us At Christmas Time

Christmas is thought to be the most cheerful time of year.

but when you’re a ghost, nothing is really cheerful. The ghosts in
these videos are all known for their spooky Christmas hauntings.
Because apparently sometimes you like to remind everyone that
not everyone got to enjoy their holidays once upon a time.  You
thoughts Monks were nice? Yeah, bad news. How do you feel
about the disembodied shrieks of dead children on Christmas
Day looking for the toys they had when they were alive? Cool?
Cool. And that dead little girl in the pub with the doll?
Don’t worry about it. She’ll probably disappear before your eyes
anyway. Nothing says Christmas like blankets being torn off of
your bed when you’re fast asleep! Surely that ghost isn’t dangerous…
I’m sure it’s fine. Do those guys playing Shinty look kind of dead?
They might not have just forgotten their coffee… Heh.
Anyway, Merry Christmas!

Youtube Ghosts Among Us

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