Night Guards Filmed A Ghost In Brazil Who Terrorises Them

The video shows energy interfering with the lights of a scary hallway, and repeatedly knocking on a fire door.

YouTube Alcmidia Curiosities

Two night security employees working at the Legal Medical Institute of Brazil, in Cuaibá, broadcast the enigmatic images they recorded at the facility, and raised all kinds of suspicions and theories on the Internet, not only because of the scary video, but also because of the seriousness of the matter now in the hands of the authorities, with an officially open police investigation.

The video begins with a night guard opening a glass door, through which you can see a long corridor of malfunctioning lights, blinking as if it were the scene of a horror movie. The man in one hand carries a flashlight, while on the other hand, he wields his gun, believing it to be a criminal who has invaded the area and is robbing the place. Behind him is a colleague, who records the creepy scene on his cell phone.

In the background you can see a long, opaque corridor, barely illuminated by a bright but flashing light. What attracted the security, staff? A fact that until now has no explanation, the lid of the metal box in which the fire hose located in the same corridor is kept, opened and closed by itself, and it was struck violently several times as if a malignant force were manifesting itself in the place.

When the guards noticed what was happening, one of them started recording as they approached the corridor, and just as they were a few steps away from the metal cover, the light went out for a few seconds, the movement and thunderous noise stopped abruptly. The guards searched everything without being able to find anything unusual, nor any rational explanation, even with the gun in his hand, the man searches the place without finding anyone.

Even the door at the end of the corridor remained locked, and the room just behind the metal lid was empty. The video was broadcast through different WhatsApp groups, which attributed what happened to the presence of ghosts at the site who want revenge, determined that the general atmosphere of the building is heavy and frightening, during the nights it is cold and other unexplained noises are heard.

Many thought it was a fake video, and that there was nothing real in the case, until the local mayor’s office confirmed the authenticity of the images to the Brazilian journalism portal G1, and said the Municipal Secretariat of Public Security opened an investigation to determine the causes of the incident. At the moment the employees were not questioned, and they remain afraid to return to work in the building.

The manifestations of energy can appear in different ways, some can be very peaceful, while others are violent and scare anyone, playing with lights, knocking things down, closing doors, dragging furniture and utensils, feeding on the nerves of people present at the site.

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