Omg These Ghost Hunters Found More Than Ghosts!

The risks of urban exploration never cease to exist

YouTube Uosof Ahmadi

As social networks invite us to broadcast what we do live, there are more and more possibilities to document these strange and frightening events, hardly recorded on video, there are cameras everywhere, everyone has a phone capable of taking pictures and leaving as evidence what people see, and also to spread it to the world instantly.

But sometimes, these videos are not very pleasant for the public, they hide mysteries and chilling situations that remember how bad we are as a society, so a couple of urban explorers from London decided to enter an abandoned building, they already had a good time looking for a way to reach it without the surveillance of the place intervening.

Urban exploration is an activity that is within reach of almost anyone, and every day it gets more and more fans on social networks, which document the sites they enter (often without authorization) the variety of locations is surprising, from abandoned caves to old factories and uninhabited houses, about which ghost legends are told. One of the scouts with the most followers is the youtuber Uosof Ahmadi.

This British boy has a lot of courage to enter abandoned places at night and document them for his Youtube channel, exposing himself to the terrifying deterioration of his corridors, being caught by the authorities or even worse, finding the darkest secrets of those who live in the dark side of society and remain hidden, in the underworld of crime and drugs.

This time, after a brief introduction that tells the time needed to make the exploration of the video possible, Ahmadi and a friend enter the grounds of an abandoned building, check a couple of corners, find some keys lying around and joke about the state of the place, then come to a window through which they can enter, and are struck by an interior door sealed with six nails.

In front of this window there is a staircase, Ahmadi notices something strange on the steps, takes a closer look and wonders if it is blood, these dark reddish spots are also present on the wall and give a feeling of worry enough not to continue there, however, the children decide to look inside, and when they climb a little they find something that will change their life, a body wrapped in white sheets is lying behind the wall.

Immediately the boys run scared and leave the field, they are filming in a dangerous area of the city, crime and murder are common and as evidence is that body of the abandoned building, Ahmadi and his friend made an anonymous call to the London authorities to report the finding, the video ends with patrols and a forensic ambulance leaving the sector.

He uploaded the video to Youtube as a reminder to all urban explorers, it’s a fascinating activity, but when a place remains hidden, those who want to hide its worst secrets come there, and can find them head-on; the story of these guys might have been different if the find had been the killer and not the body.

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