Poltergeist phenomena make you feel chills all over the world

From America to Australia, there have been incredible cases of intense paranormal activity recorded on video.

YouTube Pavel Alekseev
There is no scientific explanation for describing the effects of the Poltergeist phenomenon, a phenomenon that occurs apparently for no apparent reason, for example, doors that open and close without the help of anyone, or lights that come on in the middle of the night without someone pressing the switch. It is an event that fills those who experience it with terror and curiosity.

The origin of the term is German. Simply by the meaning of the name, “noise of spirits”, we can guess what phenomena we are talking about when the subject is placed on the discussion table, and although skeptics claim that it is a definition of the montages and jokes made by naughty people, it is something quite serious that has left real records and evidence of paranormal activity all over the world.

According to the experts of the Poltergeist, if you are young, you are more prone to suffer a phenomenon of this type, the reason is that having more energy would attract even more energy to the ghost, or so some parapsychological researchers say, taking into account that most of the deceased who travel to the afterlife are left with unresolved issues on our plane, and remain trapped in a limbo.

But most of the time they are frauds, people who say they see and hear things to make a financial profit on a land, house or place. A home in which things move around, lamps swing, doors and windows open and close, furniture cracks, lights and other strange phenomena are turned on and off, they are a tourist and recreational attraction for those who feel attracted by the paranormal.

For those who do not believe in ghosts, logic indicates that it may be an air stream that closes the door.
Power outages are due to faults in the electrical installation. Furniture that crackles with temperature changes, static electricity, pressure changes, slight seismic movements, among other scientific factors tries to give a convincing explanation to the Poltergeist.

However, those who have seen it say that there is something else, that it is not so simple. Most paranormal phenomena can be explained, but others cannot, like the faces of Bélmez. This case occurred in Jaén, Spain, during the year 1971, some very defined and real faces appeared on the floor of a house, without explanation and totally pigmented on the surface.

There was an intense debate about the credibility of the owners of the house, it was questioned whether the stains were a spontaneous appearance, and it could be a false event, but a few meters deep, under the kitchen floor, human remains were found, and recordings were also made in which ghostly voices were heard with great clarity.

In other cases, the phenomenon is captured by ordinary people, who are not Poltergeist scholars, and who are mostly unaware of it until these frightening experiences occur, users, upload the evidence to the Internet and begin to spread to social networks quickly, creating an environment of suspense and terror that makes the task of research difficult, since in some cases, professional photo and video editors intervene to create jokes or make montages.

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