Talking To The Dead Through Spiritual Communication To Record Paranormal Activity

With different sensors and cameras in his home, a man can detect the presence of a spirit and communicate with it.
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Many people remain skeptical of the possibility of communicating with the dead, some argue that when someone dies, their soul ceases to exist, at least on this earthly plane, therefore it is impossible for us to establish any kind of contact from this life, yet many others claim to have the ability to cross over to another spiritual level and speak to the dead, through special skills and deep meditation.

But other times the contact has not been sought by the person, such as the report of people who feel strange presences in their home, and notice how the atmosphere darkens and becomes colder, others may see the passage of shadows and human figures in their room during the night.

Today we present the case of a man who claims to feel strange noises at home at night, among these he can feel things in the kitchen and living room moving, he also hears footsteps on the ceiling and climbing the stairs, and at some moments he could distinguish unclear voices. This situation led him to document the events for his Youtube channel, so he could demonstrate what was happening while trying to establish communication with that presence.

The man begins by explaining that he has noticed how specific patterns are formed during the presence of whatever is visiting him, he can notice how some steps begin to approach his room as well as how things in the kitchen move, especially when everything is dark.

Preparing the contact

He wrote a list of some questions to ask during the visit of the spirit, to see if he could create a contact that would allow him to understand why he has been visiting and what he can do to help, he placed a camera in the kitchen with a body shape detector and another in the living room, both equipped with night vision, also an energy sensor that allows him to detect any irregularity if something touches him in the middle of the carpet.

He then turns off the lights and prepares to make contact, asks if there is anything that is in his company and if he can manifest himself in any way, also tells him that he wants to know the reason for the noises he has felt in the kitchen over the past few days, can step forward and talk, also explains that there is a small red light on the side.

He asks for her name, her age and asks her to come closer to the camera to find out where she is, immediately the camera’s detection device in the kitchen shows a body shape right next to her, which suddenly appears. The man thanks him for showing himself, and asks if he wants to be seen and listened to, and also explains that instead of making so many uncomfortable noises he now has the opportunity to communicate directly with him.

The figure doesn’t move according to the camera’s detector, and the man starts to feel a little cold right where the sensor indicates the presence is, slowly moves his hands towards it to try to see if he can touch it, but it moves away a bit as a sign that he doesn’t want it to do that.

The figure disappears and reappears right in the same place, he asks if he has been here before and if he can communicate in any way, either by moving something or by talking to him, he also asks if he can help him in something, the microphones at that moment detect a very faint voice that he does not hear at that moment, but he can be distinguished by an increase in the sound that his name is Peter.

Interviewing the ghost

He starts to hear that some things move out of the kitchen and comes over to tell him that he no longer needs to touch his things to communicate, that there is a simpler and more effective method, using the device in the middle of the floor, he says I can touch him once to say yes, and twice to say no, in order to do so he just needs to get close to the detector.

To find out if he has understood you, he asks you for your confirmation, which the detector turns on and sounds only once, confirming that the presence understands what you are saying and has agreed to communicate with him in that way. Now things get a little more interesting, the question of how long he’s been in the house and what he’s doing there.

When asked if you have spent a lot of time in the house, the detector turns on twice, which means no, followed by this, it asks if you have come just when you made use of a spiritual box, the detector turns on only once, so you have not been in your home for long.

He asks if his name is Peter, and the detector turns on once more, also tells him if he is visiting him to help him, at that moment he starts to hear footsteps again on the stairs, wonders if he is going to be there for a long time, then the presence answers no.

The man tells her that if she is going to be at home for a short time, she cannot keep moving her things, as it is an unpleasant and rude feeling, she asks her to stop doing so during her short stay because these belongings can be damaged, and she does not like her visitors touching her personal belongings, nor making noises in the middle of the night.

He asks if he can stop and the presence responds that yes, then he takes advantage of the contact to find out if there are more spirits present in the house, and asks them not to touch any of his things, that if they want to communicate, they should come to the detector and he can help them in whatever they need, but he stops receiving answers and hearing noises, The following days he did not feel the visit of anything, nor did his things move again at night.

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