The girl on the swing ghost

Sometimes the swing sways by itself even though the breeze doesn’t blow and a ghostly figure comes out of the trees while listening to a girl’s laughter.

In the central part of a small town in Mexico, the children used to play until very late, with the excuse that there were several games available for everyone and the trees were easy to climb, as well as having a refreshing breeze at night. Nearby lived Maria and Natalia, two girls who were always going to sit on the swings. Since their homes were right in front of the park, their families would let them go out alone even at midnight.

The two girls grew up together and what they liked most was to play on the swings, every night they would meet in the same place. On one of those occasions, Maria and Natalia found an unknown girl sitting on one of the swings, claimed that this was her customary place, made a joke of her battered hair and the flower dress she was wearing and made her leave crying.

The next day the girls left the house around midnight, everything was dark and the only thing they could hear in the place was their laughter and the noise of the chains on the swings, they thought they would not meet anyone but they were wrong. The same girl who had cried before came back and was playing on a swing. She looked strange, had her back turned, dirty hair and wore the same flower dress as the day before.

Maria and Natalia approached as they mocked her and claimed that the swing area belonged to them when they were two steps away from the unknown girl, she turned her head in an impossible angle, completely inverted on her neck. She had a demonic, smiling expression, her face was so horrible, that as the girls looked at her they let out a shrill scream of terror, which woke everyone up in the nearby houses.

Maria and Natalia’s parents ran out to the park to see what had happened, found them passed out in front of a swing that swung hard even though no one was around, they looked pale and had exorbitant eyes, quickly the whole town came to the park to find out what had happened.

After a few minutes, the girls regained consciousness and kept screaming, pointing at the swing and saying that a demon had appeared to them. The parents looked for the girl in the flowery dress, but they didn’t find her, they were all very concerned about their children’s safety and for the next few days the park was devastated after the sun went down, and they also banned playing there until late.

The girls had to be treated by a psychologist, started having nightmares almost every day, woke up screaming and said they could feel the devil outside playing on the park’s swings. Soon, the rumor spread and many curious people began to go to the place to check the legend, when there were many people nothing happened, but a couple of people who toured the place during the early hours of the morning claimed to see a girl on the swing, even though it was forbidden.

This same legend became popular in other towns in Mexico and the United States, with many people claiming to see the girl on the swing with her back turned, in towns that are generally small, all agree in the description of the flowery dress and its strange appearance. They also say they see swings moving strongly even though there is no wind and no one nearby to push them.


The mystery has caused no one to want to go near the playgrounds at night, for fear of the girl on the swing appearing, this has made the legend grow and the idea of going to play in a playground at night sound terrifying, and join other creepy stories that have been documented on video, such as Poltergeist activity or imaginary friends who become real and can be seen by some children.

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