The haunted mansion that the Vatican refused to visit

Witnesses say that ghosts appear in the middle of the night inside the mansion and shocking screams can be heard.
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Ancient buildings are a perfect instrument for creating legends and studying paranormal mysteries, the energy of these sites is incredible, even if many years pass by, the essence of the people who inhabited a place remains intact, and their ghostly shadows will watch over its corridors as if it were a bygone era.

Today we will enter one of the most enigmatic places in China, said to be so frightening that the Vatican is afraid to enter its rooms, and although many religious have visited the place, no one has been able to face the terrifying phenomena that occur there.

The history of the place goes back to 1949, in Beijing, China, the communists defeated the nationalists by closing a bloody stage of the civil war, at that time, an official of the Chinese nationalist party residing in a huge mansion in the city abandoned his wife after learning that the communists would take the city under fire, and that his life was in danger, the wife in despair found no other choice but to hang herself.

The woman decided to end her life inside that mansion, from that fateful event the mansion was abandoned, becoming a place for the manifestation of unexplained phenomena, according to local residents, the spirit of the woman has owned the house since that day, and is constantly manifested by terrifying screams and lights walking through the rooms of the mansion.

People near the site have said they heard chilling screams from the disturbing mansion at night, and on multiple occasions, they have told the police that they believe some vagrants may have accessed the land, but when the authorities arrive at the site, the mansion is completely empty.

Mysterious shadows lurking around the mansion have been perceived from the outside, experts in paranormal activity have carried out research on the disturbing phenomena, declaring that the place contains a particular energy, which could prove the existence of ghosts in the mansion.

Near the new millennium, the rights to the haunted mansion were transferred to the Catholic Diocese of Beijing, the mansion was about to be demolished, but some church officials prevented it, arguing that the distinctive architecture could be very useful and striking to house the Vatican embassy.

But this never happened, since that day the facilities have been abandoned, many people said that not even the Vatican itself wanted to occupy the haunted mansion, but beyond this there is a superstition in Chinese culture, for example, telephone numbers, cell phones or apartments with addresses containing the number 4, are automatically devalued, since the word “four” in Chinese sounds like the word used to say “death”.

This has led some of the city’s inhabitants to suspect that the state of abandonment of the haunted mansion until now is more related to the Chinese fear of being the victims of some terrible curse, remembering the tragic end of that woman abandoned by her husband when the communists invaded the city and set everything on fire in their path.

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