The incredible pursuit of a ghost car

The video is considered to be the world’s rarest police pursuit to date.
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We’ve all seen police chases on TV shows at one time or another, criminals usually speed up trying to escape from the police, most of the time they crash, are cornered or turn themselves in, but rarely manage to escape justice. The chases are recorded by patrol cameras, serving as evidence during the trial to signal reckless driving or resistance to arrest.

What you’ll see in this post is exactly that, a completely real police chase, but with an ending that will leave you confused and give you the creeps. Keep in mind that the fear you will feel will not be half as intense as that of the officer who was driving during the video.

This strange experience to this day remains the video captured from a more mysterious patrol, not only in the United States, where it was recorded but probably around the world, police have been searching for several years for a clue to the identity of the fugitive, but there is nothing to let them know who the person who escaped under these strange conditions was, or how he did it.

It happened during the early morning hours of Garden City, Georgia, a policeman detects a person driving an irresponsible vehicle, for a moment we think he is going to crash, but the driver is miraculously saved and for a second we see his face blurred by the bad resolution of the camera. The persecution continues from the other side of the tracks and the situation becomes increasingly strange.

People who have analyzed this video say that the speed and acceleration of the suspicious vehicle is strange, as taking so much advantage of a patrol car is not possible with that vehicle unless it is modified, however, it does not look as if it has had improvements on the outside. The suspect takes a considerable advantage in a short time, and it takes the patrol several minutes to reach him.

The mysterious fugitive begins to make sharp turns with impressive skill, at that speed the car seems to cling to the asphalt in a strange way, accelerates and takes an incredible advantage again, which according to the police officer and the video presenter was “supernatural”.

A ghostly escape

The continuous chase and the persistent officer again has the suspect in sight, it is at that moment that the vehicle abruptly deviates and takes a dark road towards a more remote area, what is about to happen is something that the policeman will never forget, and allowed him to explain what happened thanks to the video recording of the surveillance camera.

When the suspect turns into the dark street, accelerating toward a barbed wire fence, the officer must brake abruptly to avoid knocking it down but is impressed when he sees the suspect’s car drive through the metal like a ghost car.

The darkness of the night makes the suspect disappear in the distance, while the officer tries to find an explanation for what just happened. The barbed wire fence remains intact, with no destroyed edges, nor does it move, as if the car had lost its solid properties for a second and vanished to appear on the other side.

A television program that is dedicated to denying viral videos decided to talk about it, and although they spent several minutes trying to find a reasonable explanation, they could not say what happened. Someone said there was a possibility that the fence was detached at the bottom, and the suspect’s car had lifted it momentarily underneath and dropped it back into place.

But that theory did not convince anyone, because if the fence had been hit by a car at that speed, it would continue to move for a few seconds, and most likely showed significant damage to the joints, but the video shows it intact. The policeman aboard the patrol said he heard no metallic impact, and the ends of the fence were not broken either, adding to the mystery of the situation.

The curious thing is that in spite of much research, several video analyses and after interviewing the local inhabitants, no one managed to recognize the ghost car, neither could they locate him, only left as evidence a horrifying footage that to this day is still unexplained.


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