Train Horror Story – Horror Story

A forty-year-old man, Vishal, was returning to his entire family after seven months.

He used to work outside the huge city, collecting his entire money for seven months and returning home.

He has wife and two children. 

He was traveling from a huge train to his home.

The night was enough, all the people in the train were sleeping on their own berth.

But in the eyes of the giant, the nomenclature was not sleepy, the biggest reason for it was the joy of going home. The grand was not able to sleep in the joy of going home.

Apart from the vast one, there was another person who had not slept.

The person was sitting on the berth in front of him.

The giant saw the person sitting quietly in front of him, knowing that he was reading Dracula’s story.

Vishal felt that the person sitting in front of him has been spending his time reading the book, maybe he is not even sleeping.

Vishal felt that why he did not spend his time talking to the person sitting in front of him, with the same intent, Vishal called him – “Brother”

The person reading the book did not pay any attention to his voice, unheard of, “brother”

On the second voice, he saw the giant flat by looking at the book and it was flat on his face.

This time with great hesitation talked-“I did not disturb you.

“No” person sitting in flat voice.

Keeping the gigantic gesture continued, he said, “What is your name?”

“Sun Pratap” he spoke.

“Oh!” The giant said, leaving the breath, “are you going to your house too.”

“No” Sun Pratap said in the back voice.

“Then you are going somewhere from your home,” the giant said in a smiling smile.

Pratap looked at him as if he wanted to say nothing.

It seemed as if it appeared to be like a huge face. Then say-

“I am returning to my house seven months later, I am not able to sleep in the joy of meeting my family, so I thought I should talk to you a little bit.”

Pratap did not say anything, he kept giving his head over to this point, as if he was agreeing on his point.

Pratap’s expression was clear from the expressions that he was not in the mood to talk. He was constantly telling that  he is not feeling good at this time talking.

“Brother, do you believe in ghosts?”

“Yes” Pratap completed the question in his small answer.

“But how”huge”- have you ever seen a ghost with your eyes?”

On his question, Pratap has seen him in such a way carefully to some moments as if he wants to say a lot more to him.

But that did not happen at all.

Instead of saying something, Pratap presented the book in front of his face and started reading it.

The huge look got tangled and could not understand why Pratap did not answer his talk and hide his face in the book?

This time the giant said in a very shy voice:

“You did not answer me, brother!”

As a reply, Pratap removed the book that was written in front of his face, then his very fierce face came in front of the huge.

Pratap’s face had become so scary that if a human saw his face, his soul would also have lost his breath.

Seeing his fearsome face, the horror of the eyes of the world came to an end. Her face started flying over her face.

Both the palms of Vishal had settled like this from the berth, as if he wanted to stand up with his support, his back had settled down from the previous part.

The extent was that he was afraid of breathing or he was afraid to breathe, or it was said that the saffron was afraid of coming out of itself.

Even his voice was not able to come out.

The giant knew that there is no ghost in his presence, but it is a ghost.

Having a great helplessness, nothing could stop sitting at his place.

Speaking in front of him, the fearsome faces and long-tongued ghosts said,

“Now you must have believed that things like ghosts exist in today’s time.”

“Do you really be ghost?” Asked the giant in full voice with fear.

“Even now you do not believe the fool, no matter when I drink your blood, you will be sure.”

“No, do not kill me, my two children and my wife are waiting for me to come home. If I die, their support will be lost, let me go. “

The vastness of saying started moving from its place.

The ghost kept smiling at him.

The ghost kept smiling at her.

He was rushing out and running from his place in the huge escape.

At the same time, the ghost took his right hand while sitting in his place.

His hand grew tall, while sitting there, he grabbed the neck of the fleeing and dragged him towards him.

The big shout- “save-save”

All the passengers riding on the train heard her call to him.

Vishal noticed that the faces of all the passengers who came to him have become very scary, now they are all passenger ghosts in the train by not taking too much time to understand it.

The whole train was full of ghosts.

Ghosts surrounded by the ghosts surrounded by the ghosts.

The giant’s heart was attacked after it fell into the cyclone.

With this, all the ghosts drank the huge blood and drowned to the boat.

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