Video captures Girl Ghost In The Mall

A night watchman managed to videotape a terrifying ghost climbing the stairs of a shopping mall in Brazil.

YouTube The Hidden Underbelly 2.0

Have you thought about what a night watchman’s life will be like? You probably feel some anxiety and fear when you feel something is watching you or you hear strange footsteps and noises even though you are alone somewhere at night, this is part of what most security guards feel at work, even though sometimes situations reach really frightening levels.

This case happened in a shopping mall in Brazil when a security guard decided to face a problem that was beginning to worry him, and it bothered him so much that he dared to tell his bosses that something strange did not let him work quietly and that he wanted to quit.

His bosses ignored the man’s concern, who claimed to hear strange laughter and strange noises on the upper floors of the mall, also said that he could feel abnormally low temperatures as midnight approached, and that he could feel someone watching him, that all the doors were locked, and that he also verified that no one was staying inside the building.

On one occasion the watchman saw a mysterious ghostly figure walking down the corridors of the mall, he felt very frightened and when he tried to take a picture of him, the silhouette disappeared without a trace, he also said that a strong smell of sulfur began to be felt in the place, although his bosses still thought that the man was making excuses to work less.

But the situation repeated itself, and this time the night watchman decided to shoot a video of a terrifying ghost climbing the stairs of the mall. The silhouette of a girl dressed in white appears in the footage while the security guard downstairs says it is the second time she has been seen this week.

After the ghost climbs the stairs, the watchman approaches to check if he is still there, or if he can see her walking nearby, but at that moment he hears footsteps behind him, and when he turns around he sees the creepy silhouette of the ghost quickly passing down the side aisle, in front of his eyes and the camera.

The security guard gets scared and ends up with the footage, published it on his social networks and managed to show his bosses that he wasn’t lying, something strange happens during the night in that mall, several security guards who have worked at night in the building claim to have seen this ghost, and they have also heard strange noises that run through the corridors and stairs.

Some people think that the video is a set-up created to generate visits to the mall, while others claim that something really diabolical lives in the building. The night watchman resigned after posting the video, claiming that the situation was getting more frightening and he was beginning to have trouble sleeping because he saw the ghost in his dreams.

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