Walt Disney’s Ghost Watches His Park Closely.

A surveillance camera recorded the moment when a ghost walks by Disneyland facilities
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The unknown causes us fear, but also a lot of curiosity, the more we are afraid of something, the more it attracts us to it, like a fly approaching a light bulb that cannot stop looking even though it may burn its legs, this feeling of fear is what inspires so many horror games, and produces great profits for designers, especially for those who take it to another level using mechanical games in amusement parks.

But sometimes the real experiences can overcome the events of fiction, there are cases of all kinds and surely you have an acquaintance who has lived a paranormal experience, maybe he talks about it without problems, or he prefers to keep it a secret for fear of not being believed or called crazy, things are different when you have evidence about what happens, such as the case of a security employee at Disneyland.

The security cameraman at Walt Disney famous theme park made the decision to share something creepy he saw while working, and although it has been widely questioned and the veracity of the video has been discussed online, it is still a very disturbing conversation piece.

It was a typical October night, everything went smoothly while the main facilities of the park remained lit up, Johnson’s eyes were attentive to the monitor that showed each of the cameras installed in the park, it was around 3 AM when something extremely strange happened, a white stele began to move in camera 1, very soon he would realize that what he was seeing was not something normal.

It was a ghostly human silhouette that walked over the corridors of the park, but at the same time seemed to float through the objects, the watchman could not find any explanation of what his eyes were watching, Johnson immediately took out his cell phone and began to record, fearing that the recording system would stop working, and thus be able to keep the supporting evidence.

To date this strange video has not been able to be explained by the administration of the site, there are those who mention that it is the ghost of Walt Disney overseeing his greatest legacy, others believe that it could be the soul of a deceased person in the place, it is no secret that Disneyland has a long list of deaths among its games.

The mysteries are hidden by the mouse mark never end, there are testimonies of workers who tell how after midnight, the darkest corners give off inexplicable noises and human shadows can be seen, others assure that the roller coasters wobble and move by themselves, and even though the house of terror is completely muted, there are screams and ghostly figures nearby.

There is no doubt that the ghost of Walt Disney, although not the one on the recording, is still present inside the park, and keeps alive a legend that scares workers and visitors, with a feeling fed by the legends and rumours that are spread on the Internet about the terror of Disneyland.

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