10 scary things found in the woods.

Have you ever stumbled upon something creepy while using a walk through the forests?
Most people take walks in the backwoods to flake out and enjoy nature. However, as we learned on Reddit, you never know what you’re going to find when you stray from society. Deep in the forests are sorts of creepy and unexplained sights simply waiting to be found.

Here are 10 of the creepiest things individuals have present in the forests. The stories are told in their own personal words, so do not blame us if you cannot sleep tonight!

1. This random dolls head is one of many dolls found in
Mexico’s haunted Island of the Dolls.

Mexico’s haunted Island of the Dolls

2. A statue with gold nipples!

She seemed ghostly…She had been wearing nothing but rain boots and her nipples have been painted gold…We started looking for one thing to take with us for a trinket that would go unnoticed and scrounged around for a couple of mins before I noticed a piece of bark…On it was a very detailed image of the vagina and written in black it said ‘Looking for 40+-year-old models

3. The remains of a dog.

So I ended up being out fossil hunting last weekend whenever I happened upon something…strange…I have no idea what to make of it. Maybe someone tossed an old art task down there. Maybe someone stole it well a statue. I really have no idea. It seems like it’s been down there for some time. The forehead design, mouth and something of the ear/strap holes happens sealed shut by thinly melted copper, and sand concretions. There are still some small holes inside them. There’s a substantial amount of sand concretions on the facial skin associated with a mask too.

4. The remains of boxcars.

The boxcars were thirty-two feet long with slatted sides, remnants of that may still be viewed today. each vehicle could hold twelve cords of pulpwood. Today the boxcars are arranged in 2 rows on a forested berm nearby the lake.

5. Old gravestone in the woods

6. Some old deer bones

7. Dead horse in an old rusty trailer

8. A murder weapon old chopping knife

A very old chopping knife, which later found out to be a murder weapon, it contained blood marks.

9. Old box with boy found inside

February 1957, the boy’s body, wrapped in a plaid blanket, was found in the woods down Susquehanna Road in Fox Chase, Philadelphia. The naked body ended up being in the cardboard package which had once contained a bassinet associated with sort sold by J. C. Penney.[2][3] The boy’s hair was in fact recently cropped, perhaps after death, as clumps of hair clung to your human anatomy. There have been indications of severe malnourishment, in addition to surgical scars on the ankle and groin, and an L-shaped scar beneath the chin

10. Human remains found in the woods

Replicas of two small skeletons, children’s clothes, a lunch box, a leather aviator’s cap, a woman’s fur coat, a woman’s shoe and a hatchet that were found in the Babes in the Woods case in 1953 are seen at the Vancouver Police Museum. (CBC Archives)

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