Deep Web: The Red Room Massacres Are Paid For With Bitcoin

Some people may be able to spend thousands of dollars to witness and order live murders inside the Deep Web.
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The Deep Web is a scary place full of mysteries, it has content of all kinds, the word “illegal” is not enough to describe the crimes that are documented there, from the sale of drugs and weapons to videos of torture and death abound in that dark place on the Internet, however, the horror of sick minds can go further, let’s talk about the Red Room.

Basically, the Red Room is a Deep Web address that self-destructs after a certain time, cannot be tracked like its directories and visitors, has no information about the location or identity of its creators, and has been in operation for more than a year, changing its address several times but keeping the same format. This page sells the opportunity to see in real time, the murder of a person.

It’s hard to get to the level where the Red Room is located, some comment that it can be reached through directories that lead visitors to increasingly disturbing sites, ensuring that people searching those Deep Web sites have a twisted and criminal mind, and are willing to pay for bloody content.

The Red Room entrance warning says “You can be a spectator. The event will not be broadcast by TOR as the network is not able to broadcast live to large audiences, nor to offer high resolution video. Instead, we will broadcast the event from a site within the Marianas Web…” indicating that the security of the site is very high and that it is impossible to locate the address where the murder takes place.

There are different spots available for this type of twisted event, interested parties must choose dates to see the live broadcast, and also must choose their participation, you can be a simple spectator for 0.5 BTC, Commander that costs 10 BTC, or Master, that costs 25 BTC, each with a certain amount of available spots.

With these prices, it is clear that users who are able to access such disturbing events will never share these contents on the web, mainly because of the delicacy of the matter, the torture to which the victims of the Red Room are subjected could send their accomplices to prison for life, and it is also scary to think that someone in an unknown place can kill in cold blood without being able to be located by the police.

Although the Red Room is one of the best known places of its kind on the Deep Web, there are many other places that have the same goal, to sell visitors the opportunity to see and order live killings, torturing their victims and completely destroying the sense of humanity a person should have.

Many testimonials can be found on the internet about the Red Room and the like, one of them was written in Reddit and tells a terrifying story in which killers get access to all the spectator’s personal information, warns that you should never enter the Deep Web or even search the Red Room, or you might regret it with your death.

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