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Criminals and sick-minded people gather on this site for secret conversations.
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Since the Deep Web began to be known on the surface of the Internet, many of its delicate secrets, criminal organizations and protagonists were captured by the authorities, put on trial and sent to jail. The information that could be found on sites like Silk Road and other portals of the Deep Web underground marketplace was very sensitive and was supported by dangerous criminal organizations.

Sometimes on an international scale, occupying sectors of crime on every continent and spreading like a virus across the web, yet its most eminent criminals have been imprisoned, for example, Peter Scully, the creator of the horrifying video Daysi Destruction, in which a girl is murdered in front of the camera, was arrested and faces life imprisonment.

The creator of Silk Road also faces justice after having created a portal in which it was possible to hire hired assassins, buy weapons of war and drugs of all kinds, was captured and sentenced to life imprisonment, and so many other cases of criminals who took refuge in the deep internet, believing that they would never be found by the authorities.

The common feature of these criminals is in the spaces they use to start operating, they choose sites with little traffic and that would hardly be investigated by the authorities, for that reason, some online games are really dangerous, since you can find yourself connected to a psychopath in real time, as the protagonist of this article.

There’s a weird and creepy looking game, with little effort in its graphics development, but with enough resources to create a disturbing environment, that will make you feel uncomfortable from the moment you enter. It’s called, and it’s the meeting point for all kinds of twisted people who have incoherent (seemingly coded) conversations. was never successful, and although it opened the way for life simulation games like Second Life, it never fully worked, was sponsored by major brands but people at the time of its launch were afraid of the web and considered it a reckless place.

It can be described as a ghost town, with an interface of the early years of the internet and an unattractive menu, but the most striking thing about this game is that despite its lack of objectives and horrible graphics engine, it still attracts very strange people, besides, the very configuration of the characters offered by the game is terrifying and creepy, it seems to be taken out of the mind of a drug addict.

The architecture of is totally twisted, it is possible to compare it to a nightmare, equally, the aesthetic configuration of the characters has been configured by the users themselves, ending in horrible avatars that would make anyone believe that this is a game of terror, definitely if the Deep Web could be represented in a virtual world, this would be the best example.

Sometimes conversations are sensitive, code deals are made that clearly point to the illegal business, like 4chan forums and the Deep Web, anonymity is selective for the public, but with code IDs, they can get to know when a person belongs to this world and when they don’t. Likewise, perverts abound on, so this is definitely a game that should remain a secret from children.

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