The nurse on the seventh floor

Legend has it that in the corridors of an old hospital you hear footsteps during the night, and an inexplicable cold wind blows through the rooms.

sadness is very dangerous, it can make people lose the ability to reason and commit very serious acts such as killing and causing harm, but the risks become even greater when it comes from someone who no longer belongs to this world, as in the case of the ghost of the nurse on the seventh floor.

Hospitals are places charged with heavy, dense energy, suffering and death are normal things in emergency rooms and surgery, and can cause discomfort and fear among doctors, nurses, and patients, yet sometimes it can directly affect people beyond a fright, and become a fatal threat.

Doctors and nurses have a responsibility to save lives and alleviate the suffering of patients, they have to attend hundreds of cases every month and work long hours, so opportunities for rest and relaxation and partying are limited, which means that many health professionals reach such a point of exhaustion that they have to take vacations.

But a nurse named Kim, who worked most of the day on the seventh floor of a hospital in Australia, had a very different way of coping with stress, began to walk away from her family and friends, became obsessed with work and didn’t sleep at home, was in charge of caring for patients at night and supervised the rooms so that patients felt comfortable and rested well, even though she herself didn’t sleep much.

From nurse to a murderer

One day, Kim had a strong argument with her mother, as she claimed she had completely lost her family’s attention, and it hurt her that she didn’t call home to ask how she was doing. It was then that Kim began to freak out and see her patients as enemies; she thought she could have less work reducing the number of patients on the seventh floor, killing them.

The nurse on the seventh floor began her irrational revenge against the hospital patients, and during the nights she was in charge of causing the worsening of the health of each of the patients who were there, supplying expired medicines and contraindicated injections, she began to treat them badly and to make the doctors’ work more difficult.

For a month, the patients on the seventh floor began to die quickly, despite the doctors’ efforts to save their lives, the number of healthy patients was decreasing and the sick were dying, suspicions that someone was causing these deaths began to emerge, and they decided to install a surveillance camera in some rooms to monitor the on-call staff who remained at night.

Kim didn’t know he was being watched, so she took a poison syringe and went into a patient’s room while she was sleeping, the next day there was a new fatal victim, the next day there was a new one, the surveillance staff immediately checked the cameras and saw what had happened, they ran to the seventh floor and tried to catch the nurse, but she escaped, was locked up at the end of a hallway where the cleaning room was, went in there and locked the door with obstacles.

The rest of the doctors and people working at the hospital tried to convince her to go out and turn herself in to the police, but the nurse on the seventh floor just cried and cursed, regretting that she had abandoned her family and spent so much time at work, her colleagues tried to calm her down, until they stopped listening to Kim’s crying and had no further response.

Unfortunately, it was too late, the nurse on the seventh floor had slit her wrists, the police arrived at the hospital and broke down the door, Kim was lying in the middle of a pool of blood, with a message written in blood on a mirror saying “My revenge will continue”.

For the rest of the week, the atmosphere in the hospital was sad and chilling, no one dared to enter the cleaning room where the nurse on the seventh floor had committed suicide, they preferred not to report the news for fear that the patients would vacate the premises, so they continued to work normally.

Kim’s ghost

But something strange happened, even though Kim was no longer alive, the patients on the seventh floor continued to get worse and die in the midst of severe pain and agony, as if they had been poisoned, others also commented that they were seeing the devil, and they had expressions of fear just before they died, the phenomenon became more intense and reached an unbearable point for the staff working on the seventh floor and for the patients.

One day the hospital shuddered at the scream of a sick woman who was being cared for on the seventh floor, looked pale, was shaking with fear and was asking to be quickly taken out of the hospital, claiming that a ghost had appeared to her in the room and had tried to kill her.

The doctors asked her for the description of the ghost, and the woman claimed that it was a young girl, dressed as a nurse, with arms full of blood, a deep, diabolical voice, a macabre smile and a very large syringe full of something red, they all felt a chill that reached down to their fingertips, because it was Kim’s description at the time of her suicide.

But the case became more frightening when, as they walked up to the seventh floor, other patients claimed to have seen her pass through the corridor on her way to the cleaning room, the guards approached the site and found a trail of blood that led into the room, which had a strong smell of sulfur, and the message of the mirror written in blood reappeared.

Everyone was confused and scared, no one wanted to go back to the hospital to work, much less stay there at night, so the only solution they found was to close the seventh floor, completely sealing off the entrance and making modifications to the stairway structure, directly linking the 6th floor to the 8th floor.

The elevator was also scheduled not to stop on the seventh floor, a mass was held to ask for Kim’s peace and rest, where her family came to say goodbye and beg her to leave the patients alone, and that’s how the hospital got back to working normally, although at least once a month someone claims to hear screams and footsteps coming from the seventh floor.

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