Why Most Tourist’s Skip Australia – No Way!

Many people love to travel, but when it comes to Australia, they are a little bit hesitant, bugs and spiders ok, but honestly tourist’s prefer just to skip it, just in case they encounter something strange.

#1 At least you never alone when visiting the toilet! Australian Huntsman Spider.

Just here to say hello!

#2 Just thought id hitch a ride hope you don’t mind!

The Red-bellied black snake is venomous.

#3 The spitting lizard from Jurassic Park.

A warning sign of the Australian Frilled Lizard ( In defense mode )

#4 Wow we love snow, nope its caused by raining spiders

Its call mass ballooning these little spiders make silk balloons and fly away

5# More snakes! nope this is one huge earth worm

Large earthworm found in victoria Australia.
Giant Earthworm
The small rural town of Bass Victoria Australia has a population of fewer than 1000 inhabitants, but it boasts the biggest worm around.

#6 These are what the call drop bears

sometimes these can drop out from the treetops.
One found on the roof

#7 It can get so hot the tires melt on your car!

extream heat causes the roads to melt

#8 I’m just snaking on my dinner! Deadly redback spider

The Australian redback spider.

#9 This alien-looking thing has a deadly painful bite!

The blue ring octopus Australia

10# One bite from this spider and you need to get straight to hospital.

Sydney funnel-web spider Australia worlds most deadly

#11 This little snake is the 2nd most deadly snake in the world

Eastern brown snake Australia dangerous

#12 This bird can really kill you, they attack 100s of people

The Australian Cassowaries

#13 This harmless looking jellyfish is another scary thing, also deadly

Lifeguard holding up the Australian box jellyfish!

#14 American eagle (Seagal) vs Australian eagle Huge eats kangaroos

The small American bald eagle vs The Australian wedge tail eagle!

#15 This is the one do not go swimming with these guys!

Feeding a crocodile in Australia

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