10 Of The Most Creepiest Things Discovered Underground

Unbelievable things dug up and discovered underground, from a whole cinema to a sewer creature, here are the creepiest things people revealed.

  • Creature Runs After Teenagers from Sewer Tunnel 

In a video uploaded by Timothe Elchebou, there are a group of teens going inside the open sewer tunnel, which leads into a cave-like duct. They gradually make their way more profound, and suddenly they stop as they started to hear something move up ahead. One of the teenagers edges his way to the corner, shining a flashlight to see if he can catch a sight of no matter what is in front of them. All of a sudden, a creature runs out of the dark. It looks like moving on its hind legs. 

  • Underground Station Vagueness 

In a video posted on YouTube shows that there is something menacing lurking below the underground station of Walthamstow. On the video, there is something lifting one of the tiles on the ground and peer ed out. According to the person who uploaded the video, he did not see the tile elating until he watched the video the next day. 

  • Ghostly Noise in Mine 

YouTube channel Exploring Abandoned Mines and Unusual Places uploaded a very unsettling video. A man named Frank was discovering the deserted Waldeck Mine in Australia when he accidentally captured a creepy noise coming from nowhere.

In the footage, you can hear what noise like an indistinct tone calling out. According to Frank, he already listened to a lot of weird sounds in mines. However, this sound is the creepiest one.

  • Dragon in Cave

In the video uploaded by a man called Abraham, Abraham on YouTube, a guy is traveling around a dark cave. He pans his flashlight above the ground and sees something eccentric and weird. He picked up the object, and it looks like a massive egg.

He keeps on exploring the area when all of a sudden, a creature rushed out at the back of a rock. It appears to be a something with four horns and scaly skin. Some believe that it is a dragon. However, due to the quality of the video is poor, it is hard to determine if it is a dragon. 

  • Mysterious Underground Cinema

Police officers discovered a cinema buried in the catacombs, sixty feet under the Palais de Chaillot in 2004. The Cinema that has a bar and restaurant was founded by police while conducting a routine training work out. The Cinema consists of projection equipment, full-sized screen as well as a wide selection of movies.

They discovered that it was working on an expertly set up electricity system. Three days after, the police officer returned to the site along with professionals from an electrical firm only to discovered that the supply of electricity had been cut. The whole thing was gone except a message written on the floor saying, “Don’t Try to Find Us.” Later on, they discovered that the Cinema was the work of the UX, a secret group which reinstates forgotten places of Paris.

  • Giant Alligator

The year 2016, Louis Camacho, a resident of Florida, went to verify the mail when all of a sudden, he felt a powerful vibration coming from below his feet. Believing it was a strong earthquake. Louis stands down to the street level, and he heard a piercing hissing noise that is coming from the drain. Grabbing his DSLR, he gazed inside and was shocked to witness a giant alligator looking back at him.

  • Menacing Clown in Sewer Tunnel

A creepy image was taken on Google Street View. When you see the image, it looks like a typical picture. That’s until you see the menacing-looking down gazing out of the sewer tunnel.

Likely, this image could only a joke; it would be tough to work out. The jester would have to be waiting in the sewer waiting for the Google Street View to come by anticipating that the camera is positioned correctly. In general, clowns are very creepy, however, in a sewer tunnel? It is terrifying.

  • Encounter with a Monster

Shimmyjimhog, a YouTuber asserted that he has been hearing odd sounds coming from the sewer a few steps from his home, so he determined to make an investigation. While making his way to the drain, all of a sudden, he notices a screeching noise coming from the inside. While heading deeper the sewer, he faced with some odd creatures. It appears to be gaunt and thin, and the eyes are glowing. All of a sudden, the beast cried out, but this time, it is more intense. He runs out of the sewer frightened. 

  • Extraterrestrial Sphere

Terry Matthew Betz was checking the harm of a shrub fire at his property when he found out a bizarre metallic sphere obscured in the soil. The sphere weighs 22lbs and has a diameter of eight inches didn’t look as the fire has damaged it. Terry believed that it was maybe a piece of metal from a fallen satellite. So, he decided to take this sphere home. Weeks later, while he was playing guitar, the object started to vibrate. The noise it produced made his dog afraid.

  • Sewer Created Taken on Camera

When the footage first came up years ago, immediately it caused a stir. The video was taken during a sewer inspection by a water company. As the cam moved forwards, some kind of creature is visible moving around the corner, and the eyes are glowing. Some experts believe that it was just a reflection of the light.

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