10 Stories Of Eerie Cryptids

Mysterious occurrences, for me, generally means something weird happened that we should probably talk about, but also maybe shouldn’t talk about.

Throw in the word eerie, and I’m thinking, yeah, probably not. So, when scientists start exploring and stumble upon things I don’t really want to see like, say, sentient monkeys with good throwing skills, I get a little edgy. When someone mentions sea monsters, I’m thinking “well, I guess I’ll take a shower instead…” When someone says “giant serpent” I think “I guess I’ll just never leave my house. Cool.” I’m not saying I want us to stop exploring, but maybe we could just… not tell me about it? I can barely handle a house spider, and some of these things seem like they’d be a little too interested in chomping on the bones of… Well, anything. Eep!

Youtube Eskify

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