Behind the Monster: A look inside the visual effects industry

If a movie monster has ever kept you up at night, have no fear! We’re going behind the scenes of the visual effects artists who make the monster-movie-magic possible.

It is well known that the horrifying images of most scary movies are what make them special, and truly effective. But far from being magic, these effects take hard work and years of experience to hone, with terrifying results.

VGP studios are responsible for the makeup, prosthetics, and all-around practical effects for movies such as Dogma, Requiem for a Dream, Aftermath, and The Relic. Here he shows us the different materials used in the making of a movie monster as well as some of the legendary end products. Some of the movie’s most memorable creatures are found hanging the walls of his studio, as well as some very obscure ones.

VGP also worked on makeup for SNL and many B-movies, revealing that the same craft that goes into making a monster is used when primping a movie star or comedian. Try thinking of that next time a big-screen bad guy tries terrifying you.

Still, the effectiveness of movie-monsters continues captivating audiences around the globe. Though the effects are piratical, and the trade full of tricks, the magic still happens when the monsters hit the screen. In an industry saturated with digital effects, these prosthetic horrors continue to shock people worldwide. And as far as anyone can tell they will continue to for years to come.

Maybe you’ll be inspired to make your own monsters…

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