Could This Cave Be Where Bigfoot Lives

what is Bigfoot or what some call a sasquatch mystery?

For over 500 years people have been reporting sightings of Bigfoot,
this creature has also been seen in Australia, they call it a bunyip or yowie.
Aboriginal Australians descriptions of a Yowie, the creatures can stand
a height of up to 12 feet.
They walk a bit like an ape with a hunched over gait, they have very thick
eyebrows; arms are much longer than humans.
To this day people report seeing it, some even have photos or videos.
The native American Indians share stories and beliefs of this hairy ape-like
Bigboot or the yowie only live in very low populated areas; they avoid
human contact as they are just a wild animal.

Youtube Utah Sasquatch

A Real Yowie encounter in Far East of Sydney NSW Australia.

Youtube LocalLegendsTV

After watching these videos maybe there are some truths about these creatures.

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