PROOF UNICORNS WERE REAL Magical or Terrifying

Scientists have found fossils that may prove that unicorns did, in fact, exist! This news may be exciting to those with a unicorn obsession, but the real truth behind this discovery may actually be more SCARY than MYSTICAL.

The myths of unicorns have been around for centuries, throughout multiple cultures and ancient stories and illustrations. They have been stereotyped as magical beings with mystical meanings, but what was uncovered may tell a much different tale of their nature.

Unicorns may have been more of a ferocious beast than a graceful and friendly creature, being able to easily kill the largest of animals with their long horns, even animals as big as elephants.

What was found from these fossils sparked a variety of theories, some of these include ideas that maybe unicorns were actually related to rhinoceros, oxen, or even further back into the prehistoric area.

Back in older Turkish traditions, the unicorn is closer depicted ta mix of many different species, containing: a body of a deer, the tail of a cow, the head of a sheep, limbs of a horse, hooves of a cow, while still possessing their beautiful and long telltale horn.

Of course, there are many different types of fossils, folklore, and theories that now abound about the origins and existence of unicorns.

What do you think? Did Unicorns actually exist as we believe they looked, or have many myths been combined into one, that gave us this idea of what they looked like. Or, did they truly not ever exist, and these fossils are that of another unknown and extinct species?

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