Real Life Mythical Creatures Which Have Been Found

Real life monsters which have been found.

So, you know how when you’re a kid you think that magical creatures exist, and it’s disappointing when you find out they don’t?
Hold on to your hats, kids. Sometimes those creatures aren’t as fake as you think, and sometimes it would be better if they were.
But hey, that thing killing livestock and drinking it’s blood? Surely that’s a joke, right?
Yeah, maybe not. But, like, don’t worry about it, okay? The good news is Unicorns might be real.
The bad news is there’s actually a decent chance that the thud on that cruise ship might be exactly what Jack Sparrow was afraid of…  Also, vampires.
It sounds kind of like Twilight got it wrong.
Even worse, vampires might hit puberty like the rest of us.
Having acne seems like a low price for immortality, I guess.
Interested in finding out what else might be real?
Enter at your own risk. Some of these are downright disturbing.

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