The Mysterious Wild Creatures That Live Beneath Our Feet

Monsters and giant creatures can be under the ground you’re stepping on right now.


The different cultures and their historical records tell stories about mythological creatures, which have existed for a thousand years, and over time these legends have been passed down from generation to generation, but what if some of these stories are based on true facts, and there is evidence that these creatures are still alive after so long?

The cases described below tell stories of creatures that most likely still exist, and in some cases, there are witness accounts. When we talk about monsters underground, one of the first thoughts that might come to mind is the idea of a giant moving worm, with large fangs, piercing through the earth.

Research reports claim that such creatures do indeed exist, even though they may seem to be taken from a film. It has been determined that its presence is in South America, the creature is known as “minhocão“, the great Portuguese worm, described as a huge beast, similar to a worm and measuring between 75 and 100 feet long, this beast moves through the earth and feeds, provided it can detect and catch something when it moves.

The locals say that he has small eyes, a black skin shell and sharp teeth next to a pair of tentacles in his mouth and head, it is said that the creature is so large that it leaves several trenches and portions of land raised in its path, when it moves these trenches collapse on itself and drag buildings or houses to the ground, other reports say it is known to absorb animals from the ground, including dogs, cats and cattle.

One of the first stories of “minhocão” appeared in an article during the 19th century in an American science magazine, the naturalist Auguste de st. Hilaire, presented cases of cattle, dragged to land or underwater, by a massive worm in Goya Province, often in front of witnesses.

In another case, a German publication called “Zoological Garden” included an article, written by zoologist Fritz Muller in 1877, where he told of a meeting with one of the worms at Piranhas State, where a woman who was going to draw water from the river saw an animal in the distance, said it was as big as a house and was moving on the ground.

It is said that the creature may be a surviving member of a prehistoric race, of the giant creatures called Glyptodon, there is also the possibility that the “minhocão” is a completely new species, but, there is no way of knowing this, since there are very few sightings in modern times, times also suggest that the creature is now extinct if indeed it ever existed.

As if a giant worm were not disturbing enough, there is also the possibility of demonic underground bats, there have been several reports of giant bats with black skin, very serrated teeth and wings on their legs 12 feet long, these demons have been reported in Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

These bats are known as “Olitiau” and are said to come out of their underground caves during the night, to find any prey they can catch, the best known story comes from cryptozoologist, Ivan T Sanderson, said he was attacked by a huge bat, the estimate was about four times larger than common bats, nicknamed him the grandfather of all bats.

The man asked eleven guides about the creature, they told him they did not find it. In another case, during a television program, a story of the underground bats that inhabited the caves of Afghanistan was presented, the report allegedly coming from the U.S. Marines, who described being attacked by humanoids, bat creatures while exploring the caves.

Other reports also mention mysterious humanoid creatures living beneath our feet, there are a surprising number of these reports, including one from a British newspaper, this one published an article, on a large number of sightings of werewolves in England, and also mentioned the sighting of a tribe of underground creatures, the newspaper reported that the creatures were of underground origin and used trenches to hunt their prey.

In a press report published on July 14, 1974, a mine inspector claimed that the miners were devoured by a humanoid monster in the depths of Dickson Ville, Pennsylvania, when the rescuers were able to pass through the debris left by a possible creature collapse, they found bodies that appeared to have been mutilated by a wild animal, the scene was so frightening that no one used the mines again and it was said that the incident was kept secret for decades.

In a report prepared by Ted Walters with another inspector, who claimed that the bodies appeared to have been mutilated by a powerful creature, Barger wrote about the first body he found, saying that the man was dragged and torn apart by a wild animal, and his death was not due to the collapse, the other bodies were discovered in the same state.

It all got worse when they themselves were trapped by a new collapse that occurred in the mine, with the rest of the bodies in the same place, and waiting to be rescued, the investigators took a nap, and when they woke up they found a kind of dark humanoid, the story tells of how Barger began to feel warmth, and a shaky breath in front of his face, assuring that this thing was not of this world.

The creature was responsible for the landslides, although it eventually went deep into the mine and the investigators were rescued hours later, extremely frightened by what had just happened.

The latest case comes from McAlester, Oklahoma, supposedly before the Korean War. 3 men were exploring a cavern where they said that strange phenomena had occurred, and mysterious disappearances, the three men whose identities are unknown, discovered a stone in the cavern, with a staircase that led down to a deep well.

The men went down, and could not see the bottom, worried about the difficulty to return and climbed the stairs again, two of them succeeded, when the third man was about to do the same, he shouted, quickly the comrades came to his rescue and brought him out very pale and scared, he explained that he was attacked by some hairy humanoid monster, coinciding with mysterious roars that were heard among the stones.

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