The scary secret hidden in the laboratories on Plum Island

Biological mutations and gene alteration is a small sample of the secret experiments developed on Plum Island.
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People have spent so much time on mythical issues like Area 51, which has forgotten much worse things, and with more evidence highlighting its potential to be real legends, we are facing a sinister secret like few others, Plum Island hides under the mask of biological security and national interest scary things that it is time to spread.

Plum Island is located in the Atlantic Ocean, a few miles off the coast of New York State, and belongs entirely to the U.S. government, has a long history as a military base, but is now a mysterious laboratory, allegedly responsible for the twisted findings of deformed animals found on nearby beaches.

The main facility on Plum Island is known as the Animal Disease Center, also supposed to help the Department of Agriculture investigate diseases or pests associated with farm animals, it sounds simple until the strange things start.

We must begin by talking about its authorities, Plum Island is under the protection of “Homeland Security“, a government department that has a higher rank than the FBI, is a kind of internal intelligence agency, dedicated to fighting terrorism on American soil, for years has received much criticism for its inhumane working methods.

If you fall into their hands, all the established human rights conventions in the world are automatically nullified, your life is under the power of those people, they can imprison you for as long as they want, and they can also disappear you.

Plum Island is totally controlled by Homeland Security, anyone who approaches it risks facing federal charges ranging from years in jail to life imprisonment, and it is also a crime to observe the facilities of the place from a distance, only authorized vehicles can land in its ports.

During World War II, Plum Island was used as a laboratory for biological weapons research, but there is no logical explanation for the total absence of photos on the Internet inside the facility, despite being such a large and important research department.

But the most surprising and frightening thing is what the inhabitants of the shores of the places near the island have found, one of these findings was reported by a local newspaper, it was a dead man found by a security guard in the southwestern area of the island, this vigilante contacted the Long Island police, instead of letting Homeland Security agents know.

The guard felt that he did the right thing, as the finding was not at all normal, the dead man’s fingers were much longer than anyone else’s, with an animal-like resemblance, which made him feel threatened by the possibility that Homeland Security was covering up biological experiments capable of creating malformations in people and animals.

On the Internet you can get pictures of mutated and horrible animals that are related to Plum Island, it is known that at least one was confirmed by the New York Times, and that became news all over the world, it is the Montauk Monster”, the body of a terribly disfigured animal that reached a very close coast, which caused even people like Governor Jesse Ventura to speak out against the activities taking place on the island.

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