1.Iraq’s Blood Red Lake is a normally green lake that suddenly appeared red. Was it contamination, possibly a faulty satellite camera, slaughterhouse blood waste or even simply organic minerals? We will never know, because by looking at Google Street view, it has returned to its natural colour.

2. Next, a “Balcony Creature” was spotted in a block of apartments in France Was it a statue, a hoax, or something else? All we know is, Google has since blurred this image and it can no longer be seen after it went viral.

3.Then, in 2009, Google Maps and Street View captured a murder crime scene that was truly creepy.
The murder victim can be seen lying on the ground, which is crazy enough that such a tragic event was captured. However, the coordinates no longer available and authorities have blurred out the in respect to his family.

4.Next up is the Naked Man, a German man spotted in 2010 either getting in or out of his trunk, along with a random dog sleeping (or dead) in the driveway. It has since been blurred by Google.

5.In 2006, Alberta Canada discovered the Badlands Guardian. This phenomenon of geology depicts a Native American figure wearing a headdress, and while some belief its a natural result of clay erosion, some locals believe it is no coincidence.

6.Crabzilla came to live in the UK when a 50ft wide crustacean was seen lurking in shallow water near multiple fishing boats. Was this a real animal or merely just sandbank?

7.In 2007, the “Haunted House” in New York led to much speculation when extremely distorted images appeared on Google Maps with no explanation that could ever explain the nature of the creepy photos. Somehow, there are also no people or cars in the photos, which is nearly impossible nowadays.

8.In the Netherlands, there was the Almere Crime Scene. Here, Google Maps displayed what seems like the perfect photo of a murder aftermath. The picture is taken from above, along with a visible blood trail that leads to the end of the dock.

9.And then there was the Sewer Clown, one of the creepiest Google Maps discoveries of all. Can you find the visible and random clown head in the drain? How and why is it there? How do you plan such timing? And, what else could it be?

10.Finally, there is China’s Desert Mystery which is an anomaly of white zig zag lines in the middle of China’s desert. There is no explanation for them, and somehow they have kept their linear features for a while, despite outside elements. More interestingly, according to a former CIA analyst, someone has orders tons of satellite photos of this region since 2004.
Author Ahja Rowe.

Youtube Be Amazed

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