19 Strange Things Lurking In Our Sewers

19. Unidentifiable Jawbone.
A strange jawbone was pulled out of the sewer in Canada. After confirming through DNA testing that it was definitely not human, the analysis shows it does not match any species known to man.

18. Half of a Mini Cooper Automobile.
In the depths of the sewers of London, somehow HALF of a Mini Cooper car was found in the sewer. However, the weirdest thing about it was what was found – such peculiar items as old cell phones, false teeth, and even a prosthetic leg!
17. A Sheep.
While workers were performing a routine camera check, to their surprise, they found a sheep. There are many theories as to how it got there, but more curious is the question of how it had been surviving down there!
16. Very Expensive Watches.
Not just one, but FOUR very expensive watches were found by a street cleaner in the sewer – including a gold Rolex watch that costs more than 20,000 British pounds! The owner came forward, and even though 3 were fake, he did provide a reward to the finder.
15. Air Freshener.
In Pennsylvania, a large electric air freshener was found by a plumber, after apparently falling into the toilet and finding its way into the sewer. Unfortunately, it did not do much for the smell of the sewer!
14. A 600-lb Alligator.
In Texas during a little league game, an alligator was spotted IN the sewer! The alligator measured over 8.5 feet long and weighed over 600 pounds – one of the largest sewers finds to date.
13. Hockey Sticks.
In Calgary, not one but MULTIPLE hockey sticks were found in the sewer. How they got there is anyone’s guess!
12. Marijuana Seeds.
In Washington state, marijuana seeds were found to have been dropped into the sewage system, and even continued to grow! It is assumed they were flushed down the toilet but continued to flourish in that disgusting environment.
11. Pink Bicycle.
During a clearing project in Scotland, there were multiple strange items found in the sewer, including a pink bicycle, a fax machine, dead animals, and even a large plush stuffed animal.
10. Dentures.
A man dropped his dentures down the drain, but what is even weirder is he contacted workers to try and retrieve them for him because he planned on using them again!
9. Hand Grenades.
In London, live hand grenades were found by sewage workers. It’s hard to imagine how they felt when they found them, or how they got there!
8. A Motocross Bike.
UK council workers were clearing the sewage system and to their surprise, stumbled upon a motocross bike. How it got there, nobody knows!
7. A Diamond Ring.
In California, a woman accidentally flushed her engagement ring down the toilet – and it’s no wonder she wanted to get it back! She contacted community services, and luckily for her, the ring was later found in a pipe down the street.
6. A Cow.
What is it with animals finding their way to the sewers? Unfortunately for the cow, it ended up in the sewers for some time up to 4 days. The farmer who owned the cow was, in fact, searching for it, and luckily for him, was found after people in the village heard the cow’s moos from underground.
5. A Baby.
Unfortunately, we have all heard stories of newborn babies getting left in strange places. In Australia, a father and daughter out on a bicycle ride found a baby after hearing it’s cries from a city drain. Thank goodness for good samaritans, because the baby was rescued and eventually in good health.
4. Fish.
Even though most deceased pet fish are flushed down the toilet, it is quite rare to see them come up from the sewage instead! In Nova Scotia, firefighters discovered a bunch of American Bullhead fish that were trapped in the pipe of – get this – a fire hydrant.
3. Fleshy Mystery.
In North Carolina sewers, a disgusting pile what appeared to be actual flesh was found back in 2009. None of the witnesses could fathom or figure out just WHAT they were looking at. With some investigation, it was revealed that it was a huge colony of annelid worms stuck together against the sewer wall.
2. The Fatberg.
While performing maintenance in the London sewers, workers came across a pretty gross finding that took 2 months to clear out. It turned out to be what is now nicknamed a “fatberg,” and was about the size of a school bus! A fatberg is a mix of congealed fat and whatever else comes down the sewer pipes.

1. Gold.
One of the more fortunate findings in the sewer systems was gold. In Japan, a water treatment facility uncovered around 50 grams of gold in the sewer. In terms of value, that is approximately 5 MILLION yen worth of gold!

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