5 Cases That Have Marked History And Still Have No Explanation

Sometimes authorities simply run out of clues to follow and close the investigation of mysterious cases

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We know that every day interesting events occur that mark history and fill news portals, sometimes attract the attention of the whole world and become topics of conversation anywhere, with a society full of technology, global communication has made it easier for these news stories to spread and investigate better on their own, yet sometimes there are cases that leave more doubt than answers, and intrigue everyone.

Throughout history, many strange things have happened, cases to which no reasonable explanation has been found, even with the participation of science, which is almost always able to find the answers that are needed, worries increase when the authorities do not find logic and stop investigating, as cases simply become impossible to resolve.

Despite the fact that the list of these mysterious cases is immense, we have summarized in only 5 chapters of history the news that has attracted the attention of the world, and to this day they continue to be talked about, since the doubts have not faded, and the more time passes, the more the mystery grows.

The Mystery of Flight 19: In 1945 a flight squadron of five training planes began a routine flight route from Fort Lauderdale, never would have imagined that they would be the protagonists of a great enigma and that fed one of the world’s greatest searches for tracking and rescue, giving rise to the legend of the Bermuda Triangle.

After completing the training mission and turning around on the way to the base, after having turned in the direction of destination the pilots found themselves lost, is impossible to find their location and communicating by radio that they had no idea where they were, they also reported that the navigation systems were crazy, the compass was out of control and the radio had a lot of interference, in a moment the contact was lost and was not established again, Flight 19 disappeared without leaving a trace.

An intense search operation was deployed to locate the 5 aircraft, but no remains or bodies were found, in fact, one of the planes that were sent during this mission was also lost without a trace, disappeared near the site of speculation, lost communication on Flight 19. Despite this being the most popular mystery in the Bermuda Triangle, more than 200 incidents have been recorded there, each stranger than the last one.

Although this mysterious area bears that name, the truth is that its events occur closer to Florida and the Bahamas than to Bermuda, the geography beyond the surrounding facts is no stranger to the strange events with, many planes and ships simply disappearing, over the years.

Jim Thompson’s disappearance: The strange case of Jim Thompson is difficult to solve without thinking about government conspiracies and intelligence agencies, this man was known throughout the world, very successful and loved by the community, was recruited during World War II by the CIA, sent on missions to different parts of the world, including Thailand; the war suddenly ended, and Thompson also wanted to finish his spy career.

That’s how he went about doing business and enjoying a luxurious life, until he disappeared in 1967, the last thing he said was that he would go for a walk in the Malaysian jungle, but no trace of him was found, so some suggest that he never stopped working for the CIA, while others think he was killed by rival spies, or simply wanted to change his identity and go underground.

Human feet on the beach: For years, tourists seeking to relax on the beach along the coast of British Columbia, Canada, have witnessed chilling discoveries that so far have not found any answers, more than a dozen cut feet have been arriving at the seashore, almost all wearing sneakers or boots.

It is possible that advances in technology applied to the manufacture of the shoe will allow people’s feet to remain protected from biting and wear from hostile environments and to be detached from bodies that have suffered some kind of accident, although this does not explain why so many have appeared in this particular place.

Taman Shud Case: Without obvious blows or signs of resistance, a man was found dead in Somerton Beach, dressed in an elegant and natural manner, with no identification or marks on his clothes, no hat (a curious fact in 1948), only a piece of paper with two words written “Tamun Shad”, torn from the last page of a book entitled “Rubaiyat” by Omar Khayyam, was found in a pocket of his trousers.

The words mean “finished” and the book from which they came out alludes to living life without repentance. The only clue the police had was the book, miraculously found in a car unrelated to the body, which has so far been untranslatable. There are still no clues as to the identity of the man, although some claim that he was a spy who was intoxicated by an undetectable poison.

Roanoke’s Lost Colony: Although more than 400 years of this mystery have passed, even today no explanation has been found. The island of Roanoke, located off the coast of North Carolina, history tells that by the late sixteenth century the inhabitants who had settled there began to need resources, so John White decided to travel to England to request supplies to serve the colonists of the island.

The island of Roanoke was not uninhabited before the arrival of the settlers, near there were native villages, however by the time of John’s return, the crew found themselves with a disconcerting surprise, there was absolutely no one from the group of settlers on the island, at least 100 people disappeared next to the settlements, only the word “Croatian” could be found carved into one of the trees.




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