5 Ceremonies of Secret Organisations

Secret organizations have been the topic of much debate since the dawn of civilization. What keeps people in suspense is the age-old question: what goes on in these organizations. Well, some of them have left a couple loose ends, giving us insight into the strange goings on of secret organizations. Video evidence has now become nearly impossible to eradicate, try as these organizations might to remain as secret as possible.

First, The Bohemian Grove, an all men’s club that meets in the redwood forests of California. It is said to be attended by major political figures and high profile celebrities. Among their rituals are a supposed human sacrifice, chants, decorative robes, and praises sung to a giant statue of an owl. Prostitution was also said to have taken place.

The other secret ceremonies include affluent parties of the rich and famous, Free Mason’s lodge ceremonies, the Yale founded Order of Skull and Bones, as well as a series of FBI investigations in which houses were raided to reveal satanic rituals be conducted involving human sacrifice.

These organizations do exist and many people have tried to expose them. Stanley Kubrick’s film Eye’s Wide Shut was said to be an attempt to expose secret parties that he had either attended or witnessed. Though it is hard to say how many of the theories are true, what is certain is that strange ceremonies occur in these organizations, and there is footage to prove it.

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