Back to The Future MANDELA EFFECT – Did It Predict 9/11

Yet again, we have another example of the curious anomaly that is the “Mandela Effect.” This time, it involves the incredibly famous movie, “Back to The Future.”

In “Back to The Future,” there is a terrorist van. Here is where the Mandela Effect takes a hold of this movie first: there are two “versions” of this van in the movie. One of the vans that are more recently portrayed is a blue Volkswagen (or, “Volkswagon”) van. In an earlier version of the movie, (which most of us remember), the van is a brown, Toyota-like van.

WHICH terrorist van do YOU remember?

Another interesting point to this video is that there are quite a few other known Mandela Effect topics within the same video, such as “JCPenney” versus “JCPenny.” Another is a discrepancy in the name of the mall, whether it is “Twin Pines Mall,” or “LONE PINE Mall.” The time on the clock is also 1:16, which upside down reads “9:11.”

Even more fascinating is the idea that the date they travel to in the future is right around the time that the Mandela Effect either started happening, or people began to notice the phenomenon.

Is it possible that we are experiencing different realities simultaneously, now overlapping? Is it because of a dimensional time shift?

Let us know what YOU remember, and what your thoughts are on the MANDELA EFFECT!

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