Beam me up Scotty never happened (STAR TREK MANDELA EFFECT)

Here we go, yet another example of monumental moments in entertainment that seemingly, NEVER OCCURRED. The latest example of what most people call “The Mandela Effect,” is the infamous line from Star Trek.

Millions of people remember specifically, the many times Captain Kirk said:
“Beam me up, Scotty!”

However, there is currently no record of this ever being said, despite the MILLIONS of anecdotes, parodies, and even clothing made with this memorable phrase of when Captain Kirk needed to return to the Starship Enterprise! Johnny Cymbal even has a song called “Beam Me Up, Scotty.” Yet now, we only hear things like “Scotty, beam me up,” or “Beam us up, Scotty.”

Those of us from the Star Trek generation have one question: ARE WE GOING MAD…?!

The “Mandela Effect” seems to be proof that there are different “realities,” and some of us have lived in one while others lived in another. Maybe it is possible that two or more realities have suddenly combined into one, or there are multiple dimensions here on Earth. Because some examples of the Mandela Effect will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Is the Mandela Effect causing anyone to question our existence,
and possibly making you feel a hint of temporary insanity that cannot be explained?

Let us know your thoughts on this matter by clicking the link below for proof that “Beam Me Up Scotty” was actually said tons of times in the Star Trek series.

Youtube Light of Life Productions

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