Could This Be Planet X With These Strange lights In New Jersey

While some users think it is a signal about the effects of Planet X, others believe it is a portal opening up to another dimension.

Some events are so strange that scientific researchers remain silent when they cannot find logical explanations. Meanwhile, the Internet discusses the origin of these phenomena that occur every day in different parts of the world, and are complemented by the theories and legends that arise about alien invasions, conspiracies and the end of the world.

This was the case with a series of strange lights that appeared over the New Jersey sky, an intense mixture of lights left some residents fearing that an extra-dimensional portal had opened, while others immediately thought of Planet X and the beginning of its effects on life on Earth.

The video was filmed in the darkness of the night, it shows a purple light appearing in the sky in an irregular way, it cannot be compared to a thunderstorm or anything like that, there are no visible electrical discharges or lightning, however it is perfectly remarkable that there is intense light activity, discharging energy over New Jersey City.

The material was uploaded to the popular YouTube SecureTeam10 conspiracy channel. The principal investigator of that channel believes that the flickering brightness is a phenomenon caused by the entry of a UFO into the Earth, or that it could be a portal to another dimension, similar to the one recorded in Scotland several months ago and analyzed by the same channel.

The way the energy looks over the sky indicates that there is something expanding there, which gives credibility to a portal theory, although others think it may be a black hole. The latter theory was dismissed by scientists as a reminder that it is only possible if a large amount of matter is being compressed, and this can only happen when a star dies.

But the most widespread theory speaks about Planet X, also known as Nibiru, an apocalyptic giant that is heading towards our planet from deep space and will pass through our solar system, destroying all the celestial bodies in its path. Fans of the topic commented that the phenomenon could be caused by particles from Planet X coming down to Earth, ionizing and creating a large amount of energy.

The most skeptical people think it’s a fake video, made with mirrors inside a vehicle to give the impression that there is intense abnormal activity in the sky. Others, more reasonable, think that NASA is doing technological tests, although they keep remembering that the New Jersey sky is a constant scene of UFO sightings and strange phenomena, which means that it could be caused by the American government.


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