Do We live in a simulated reality

More and more patterns are emerging in our worlds that make us think about the possibility of being part of a simulated reality.


Imagine waking up one day and discovering that all this time you’ve lived inside a simulation, your friends, family, goals, projects, memories, belongings, the city where you were born, conversations with other people, last week’s headache, your car, absolutely everything has been part of a complex computer simulation. What would you do?

This question reminds us of a scene in the mythical science fiction film “The Matrix” where the protagonist has the opportunity to know the absolute truth or continue living in an illusion. But if we use logic, the character would really be trapped in an infinite loop, no matter what choice he makes. If you are within a simulation, your own decision has been programmed, your behavior and reasoning too, and there would be no way to escape from it.

Factors such as religion, legends that activate our imagination and even movies and video games that build unreal worlds, give us an idea of the power of a mind to make places, forms and people that were not with us before exist. One theory tries to explain this as the spontaneous generation of the environment that surrounds us from the moment we see it, for example, if a tree falls in the middle of a forest without anyone nearby, there would be no sound of impact, because no one would be nearby to hear it.

This can trigger different fascinating theories, such as the deformation of the laws of physics, the sighting of UFOs that seem to observe our behavior and vine form from afar, important structures left by previous civilizations that disappeared without a trace, conspiracies, unexplained phenomena, ghostly apparitions, Poltergeist activity, and many more theories could be involved within this great simulated reality in which we live.

If we start from the base of our senses, we know that the world is not really as we see it, colors are the detection of light and its decomposition through our eyes, the inversion of shapes and orientation of the environment, and many other factors indicate that our reality is not the same as what we have learned to see since we were born. Just like when we look closely at a screen, the elements are not solid or have sharp edges; they pixelate and create an illusion of movement through fixed patterns.

The best example of the expansion of a simulated reality knows the Cellular Automaton, which is a grid of cells with specific rules for its death and reproduction. For example, we could say that each depopulated cell will become populated, and if a populated neighbor is on the left we populate only one cell and execute the program, what happens is that for every increase of time a new cell is populated on the right.

This is a simple example, which produces an infinite reproduction of cells to the right, but the subject becomes interesting when we complicate the rules of the game more. By creating instructions starting from a pair of populated cells, incredibly complex structures can be produced over time, cells can die, multiply or live and create an infinite number of random configurations, which cannot be calculated.

Some configurations can last a couple of minutes, others can last hundreds of years, no one can determine for sure. If we look at this pattern from afar, we could end up creating an infinite cellular universe, such as the one we are living in right now, let’s remember that we started from a couple of cells in our computer, which evolved into a complex structure of life, reproduction and death with no exact date of completion.

Another issue that brings us closer to the possibility of being within a simulated reality is the enormous technological advance that we have had in just 20 years, at the beginning of this century even telephones looked like bricks, and did not have a color screen, today they have the capacity to store millions of agendas, take photos and videos, reproduce holograms, serve as virtual reality lenses and much more.

The technology we are developing brings us closer to more and more realistic experiences, the development of video games based on augmented reality and virtual reality allows us not only to see the simulation but also to participate and feel ourselves inside it, occupying all our senses and causing realistic sensations that make us forget reality.

Every day more and more elements are developed that add to our reality a realistic simulation factor, directly affecting our ability to feel and distinguish what is real and what is created from a computer. Films that use impressive special effects, the development of metal implants capable of increasing human strength, reducing efforts to carry weight, running and living longer are part of a reality that humans have created on their own, as cells evolving on a large scale.

No one has so far been able to explain the logic behind our thoughts, which makes us react, why we feel emotions and how we are programmed, an enormous amount of paranormal phenomena happen every day and the scientific community tries to find a “reasonable” explanation trying to support a theory created within this same simulated reality.

Perhaps we are the result of a complex cellular creation that can be extinguished at any time, or we are the reproduction of a test universe that was created by someone belonging to a higher society, perhaps we ourselves are living in a universe created by researchers in the future, opening the possibility of deforming time and opening new fields of research.

The question still does not have an answer that can be explained with certainty, just like the moment of our death, the origin of the universe, the extinction of previous civilizations, and the functioning of the universe, we cannot prove that we live in a reality, because we cannot even define it, nor can we distinguish when something has happened in our dreams or we have seen it awake.

Maybe when we go to sleep we will be turned off, or every day that passes we will be restarted in a different time, in a new world, with implanted memories and a memory full of information, impossible to handle at will, maybe reading this article and thinking about the simulated reality is a thought that someone programmed into your mind, and you are only part of this huge computerized test we call life.

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