I Can Hear Low Humming Noise In House – Find Out What It Might Be

Ok so this is coming from a personal experience for many months now, every night I can hear this constant humming noise, I thought it could be my ears playing tricks, or tinnitus, but this noise was really starting to bug me, so one night I got up to look around the house, but I couldn’t really hear anything apart from the dogs barking outside “shut up dogs”
A few weeks went by not worried about it, then it’s there again haunting me in the middle of the night, time to take a walk again, this time I turned all the power off, then I realized I couldn’t hear it, so it must be something electrical!

Power back on, the first thing I notice the fridge making noise but didn’t hear the humming noise, but when I went into the lounge room, I could hear it, turn the fridge off, back into the lounge room, bingo! It was the fridge, but the story does not end there as many people around the world can hear a humming noise without any explanation.

David Fishbourn

I feel like I’m going crazy hearing a low frequency humming noise at night and I can’t figure out what it is.

When i lay down to go to sleep I start to notice a very low frequency humming noise, that doesn’t change noise, it seems to pulse at about 100 beats per minute, and is relatively silent but very noticeable. It kind of sounds like a sort of electrical equipment in the house or maybe some sort of power appliance humming away.

It’s very hard to get sleep so last night I tried to figure out what it was. me and my partner walked around our neighbourhood trying to locate the noise, but it was much less noticeable outside my home and it didn’t seem to be coming from any single direction. I looked up worksite in our area and nobody is working night that would be audible. so then turned off all of the circuit breakers in my home to see if it was something in my house, but i could still hear it.

I know it’s not just in my head because my partner can hear it too, but she sleeps better than me so it doesn’t bother her in the least.

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon or something similar? What could it possibly be? I’m losing a lot of sleep and my mind trying to isolate it.

Kelly Summers

Yes, I have experienced something very similar. With the aid of microphones with a low-frequency set response of about 6 Hz, I was able to document all this as an actual thing.

But finding the source is much harder. I think I might have figured it out in my area. I found out that the sewer plant in the area has been running a tunnel drilling machine far under the ground for the last oh, 7 years? this is a huge machine, drilling a twenty-foot diameter tunnel probably 150-200 feet below the surface.
I’m not sure if that was the cause, but it sure seems likely source. it’s strange how this huge project was going on but no one seemed to know anything about it, even though the sewer company web site had a lot of details about it.

We live in a noisy humming world, what are your thoughts, please leave a comment or share on Facebook with your friends  🙂

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